The IT Crowd Downloads


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  1. I got a few friends to start me going, that got me up to about 8 diggs and then other people on digg found my storys useful and dugg them too, once you get over 35 diggs your story jumps to the frontpage.

  2. Digger : Fair enough, someone posted the torrent link up while I Atariboy was still grabbing it from my FTP server and making a torrent. Obviously great minds were thinking alike today :-)

    Currently dropping it down to a resized, lower bitrate XviD so I can watch it on my smartphone on the train home tonight :-D

  3. AtariBoy, Never you mind the whiners, the complainers, the flamers, the trolls and other wankers (all the formentioned are in the USA by the way), YOU are doing a great service for your distant cousins in the colonies and to others all over the world by providing us with these IT Crowd (non-DRMed) torrents. Here’s a THANK YOU from a yank.

  4. By the way as of 11:32EST I am seeing 32 seeds and 78 peers for The.IT.Crowd.ep.3.wmv. I am personally getting 29K down and 33K up with this torrent. Not bad at all mate, not bad at all.

  5. Cheer paul,

    I was quite bothered the first time i got a story on digg, the amount of flame and negative comments that i got greatly outweighed the positive ones.

    But this time the flaming has been much less, im more than happy to provide people with access to this show, i feel like im actually giving something back to the web after years of just taking from it.

  6. Thanks for the info on the torrents and seed, im using my own PC and Broadband for the tracker and seeding as well, using utorrent 1.41.

    When running as a tracker utorrent does not like connecting to itsself and so i can only see other users with utorrent, although gary tells me that its working fine from the outside.

    I’ve never ran a tracker before, and i’m not sure if there is seperate bittorrent tracker software, but this seems to be worknig ok for everyone but me!

  7. How well is “The IT crowd” being received in the UK? I personally don’t see it ever making it here in the USA on a main network. It might make it on one of the secondary or tertiary networks (like G4, an utterly worthless waste of time. Though before it was G4 it was TechTV, which was a great network). It is unfortunate that such good programs go unseen here in the states. BTW there is another BBC program that is picking up “torrent” steam: Life on Mars. Yet another fantastic show that only the people in the BT underground community will ever see.

  8. I dont have a TV in my student house, quite frankly i dont think there is that much good on British TV either, but the IT crowd is one of those rare shows that i really like, another is darkplace, which only had a breif 6 shows on channel for a couple years ago, ironically it also had the actor tha plays moss in it.
    There should be a DVD coming out for that soon.

    I would guess that the IT crowd is going quite well in the UK, everyone i know who has seen it has laughed so much, and loved it.

    Maybe we need to set up a poll?

  9. 12:17 EST: I have finished downloading ep3 am seeding now. I am currently seeing 61 seeds and 134 peers and have an upload rate of 50kB/s.

  10. I dont think there is much point me converting the current .wmv file to avi as its of low quality, on friday when it is shown on tv i would imagine that there will be a High quality TV rip, i’ll put a link to the torrent when that appears.

  11. “on friday when it is shown on tv i would imagine that there will be a High quality TV rip, i’ll put a link to the torrent when that appears.”

    yeah. Thanks, that’s what I meant.

  12. Episode 1 and 2 direct links have been removed from that server, on monday i will be setting up a new website and i will host them there (DRM-Free), for the moment the torrents are the best way to get them, also check the digg story for other mirrors.

  13. Can’t wait to see them downloading them now. I’ve worked in IT before as a placement year as part of my degree, so will be funny to see I think :P

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