Web 2.0 links

Real-time Domain Search – Using AJAX to improve trying to find a free domain name to buy, its pretty useful, although doesnt work for .co.uk that i can see.

Tech-Crunch – Basically a p/review site of web2.0 sites and software, very current.

Writeboard – This is like an online wordprocessor/whiteboard, one or more people can modify documents, and all the basic stuff you find in MS Word, but online and free.

Gtalkr – Personally i think this site is absolute rubbish, and the kind of website that makes people dislike “web2.0” and Ajax, and i dont blame, firstly, damn stupid name! The idea behind Gtalkr is that you can view and use lots of your web2.0 services all on one page, but it completely misses its own point by putting in useless pointless things rather than things you acutally need, for example, who wants to see a sideshow for photos from flickr with the tag “colourful”!!! What we want is the ability to upload to flickr, and then use those photos to put them in a blog which we are writing in the same window, and use links for your del.icio.us in it as well. Its really not much use at all unless you spend a good hour customising it and changing many many settings to get it just right, firefox with a few extensions does a much better job, and Flock is even better, but unfortunatly its nowhere near ready for the mainstream yet.

Pxn8 – A great online photo editor, with flickr intergration, this is what web 2.0 is about, with more pages as useful as this we will be able use pretty much any pc to do most day to day computery stuff without a even owning a pc.

Cocomment – I’ve blogged this quite a lot recently, i still think it will have quite a strong effect on blogging, the ability to see all your comments and there replys from all across the blog-o-sphere will encourage commenting and bring blogging together much more than it has before. They just need to sort out the auto-bookmarkletting, i still forget to do that all the time, and i dont particually want to instal greasemonkey, maybe a standalone firefox extension would be better.

read.io – Not anywhere near finished yet, but when this site goes live i can see it being popular, it basically takes your written blog and converts it into a spoken word mp3 podcast, pretty impressive if they can pull it off.

Suprglu – This site takes a number of your other web2.0 accountas and combines them to form a kind of super blog, you can see mine here, it has my blog in the main section and my tags and links to delicious, digg and flickr account at the side, kinda cool, but i dont really have enough web2.0 things that they support to make good use of it. An easy and simple way for people to add simple plugins for flickr and tags to there blog, rather than host their own blog and add plugings

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