Crazy Wednesday

Its been pretty hecktic today, im going away for a long weekend tomorrow and so i’m trying to get everything done, along with my State space lecture about the “Kronecker Delta” (kinda pointless today tho: “2 does not = 0”) but i have loads of links and pages to share:

Sleeping bag coat thingy – Its basically a sleeping bag but in more of a human shape so you can walk around in it, stay warm and sleep pretty much where ever you like, i wouldnt be suprised if i saw one or two of these at reading festival.

Fancy myspace profile styles – Some CSS and HTML that makes a for a much prettier profile, i’ll try it out later if i get the time. – a site which has been design so that you dont need to click your mouse at all, takes a little getting used to, but its very clever, using flash i think.

Real Transformer Robot – Being a Robotics student, i cant help but marvel at the wonders of a robot that can drive along like a car and then stand up and walk around! (might be a bit slow from digg effect)

Open house spammers – Imagine if your email spam were a group of people, and they came to your house! (thanks gary)

Firefox review from a non-geek – Mike reviews firefox from the perspective of a non-geek ;)

The New order of blogging – Squash does an article on the change in blogging trends and the rise of, has a bit about me in it too!

Fear of Girls – A very funny google video, done in the same style as the Office and Extras, but about role playing nerds

Xbox live vid – Some 9 year old forgot to switch off his headset before argueing with his mommy. Its funny to laugh at spoilt american kids!

The Scrob wrote about me! – just a little post about me getting to the top of wordpress.

Firefox Extension Contest – the finalists were released yesterday and you can see, download and test them here.

I was also suggested a firefox extension for cocomment this morning, and i tried it out, its definatly better than the bookmarklet, but still not a perfect solultion, greasemonkey is still the best way to go for auto-cocommenting.

Just for the people watching, yesterday i had 14069 hits, and so far today i’ve had 6826.

I also have a new story on digg about my Songbird 0.1 Review

And it looks like technoratis search is down at the moment, maybe now they wil realise that i have 96 links, not 20!


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