Sleep Patterns and Adsense – Steve Pavlina’s Blog

After checking out for the first time, a post in the “top” section jumped out at me:

“How to become an early riser”

I gather that Steves website is pretty popular and well known so i wont go into it to much, but i found this article interesting, and so starting on monday next week, i’m going to attempt to get up at 8:30 every day for a month and see if i cant improve my productivity. This means not going to bed until i feel tired so some nights i can see me staying up very late, and setting my alarm for 8:30am to go off everyday, i’ll keep kind of a log within my blog and see how it goes.

On Steve Pavlina’s website he has lots of interesting articles, some about improving traffic and some about sleep and other interesting things, one about giving up caffine which i stayed far away from, i love my caffine! T didnt read that many of them, but i did read one about Adsense. He was saying about how he was making triple figure sums from the adsense adverts on his page, and i get the feeling that he gets a lot of hits, but was amazed me was that i couldnt see any adverts at all, i though wow, maybe i can do that and not make my site look like all the other horrible ad-filled sites.

Then i remember that little word in the bottom of my browser… Adblock… ahhh, so i fired up IE6 to have a look without adblock stopping his adsense adverts.


I was shocked, out loud shocked.

The amount of adverts, the placement of them, the sheer in your face-nus of the whole site without adblock! If i had gone to this site i wouldn’t have read a word of it, i would have hit the back button very rapidly. He has some great ideas and his articles are very well written but without adblock its a horrible mess of a site.

And thats got me wondering… does the whole internet look like that now? With Adblock in place i wouldnt know, but i sure hope not.


14 thoughts on “Sleep Patterns and Adsense – Steve Pavlina’s Blog”

  1. That’s strange, because I (anomalous!) was just reading his site. I’m starting a new job and the hours are different than what I’ve been on, so I was looking for help to change my sleep habits. Yeah, his advertisments amazed me..

  2. I just noticed the same thing! I usually keep up with his site via RSS anyways, which, at least in his case, doesn’t have any advertisements.

    Gotta love the adblock, though…

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  5. There was a site (not sure if it still exists) which made a Million dollars on banner advertising! If you opened it up without ad-block software, it was just an entire page covered with ads from various advertising sites. It was called the Million Dollar Homepage.

    In fact, here is an article I just found on the BBC website about it:

    When I first heard I wasn’t sure it was true, but apparently it is! The power of the Internet huh? :)

  6. It’s amazing how desires of various people can be manipulated to generate income.

    This below here is a summary of

    “Oh, you want to be disciplined ? Improve your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual beliefs.

    Then read my articles and click my ads and donate me money. Now I shall brag about your stupidity for providing me money.”

    It’s a big scam and almost none of us realizes it.

    I found a more detailed review of recently. Check it out it’s an interesting read.

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