This may be my last blog for a few days, tomorrow morning im off to Bath to spend the weekend with my girl, Lauren. I might be able to get a little post in whilst Lauren is at work tho.

The IT Crowd – Episode 3 direct download is working again as well.

I will leave you with a couple pictures to muse over, and when i come back i might have a few presents to give out ;)


24 thoughts on “Teasing”

  1. I sure hope this Windows Live Messenger will be a lot better than MSN Messenger 7… I think MSN Messenger 7 (any 7.x version) sucks, too many annoying features I don’t want to have like buzzers, winks, animated emoticons… Good thing someone invented Gaim.
    I just hope that Live Messenger will be more customizable than MSN Messenger 7 is/was.

  2. I do believe there is a MSN Messenger for MacOS X.
    @Russ: trust me, they’ll find a way, they did it before, they’ll do it again and if not, I still refuse to use a program that I don’t like, but if Live Messenger is good enough in my eyes I might consider using it instead of Gaim.

  3. hi everyone, im in bath at the moment, having a lazy afternoon so i jumped on laurens pc to check my email. When you only check your email once a day it kind builds up quite a bit.

    Having a great time here, although i feel kinda guilty for not posting anything today.

    But i do have quite a few interesting posts coming up next week.. and maybe a few prizes too.

    If anyone wants a cocomment invite i can sort you out just drop me and email or a comment.

    Thanks for all your comments

  4. hi atariboy! hi all, first time on your blog, got here via cocomments where i saw your nick in big letters ATARIBOY :)
    but, about the post you entered above, i’m on ichat using a jabber account to log into the friends using MSN..could you comment, when you get back, any nice new feature of MSN live…ichat allows me also to do video chat, like the skype so i don’t see a reason to upgrade to MSN live apart from guessing that it should be exclusive to windows based machines..but i will just like to compare. and here one cocomment invite i got to spare: 0310-4142-1343 did you saw the new feature? you can now invite friends from the cocomment site…cheers!


  5. I’ll add you to msn and yahoo tonight.
    MSN – rguy84 [at] aol.com – yes it works I registered it years ago.
    Yahoo – huskiesryan
    AIM – Rguy84
    If anybody else adds me from here, just say who you are first. Or post info in my blog.

  6. Well there isn’t much point in adding AtariBoy is in Bath, therefore slightly inactive. But anyway, I will also add you probably…

    And Ryan B… nice yahoo name… “huskie” :P Will probably add you also…

  7. I feel like the Spice Girls here, Ryan B and Ryan C… :P

    Hey there I use a Mac as well, I wonder if Microsoft are going to update their messenger program for Mac any time soon, we’re still on version 5 I think!

    I use Adium anyway, its like Trillian, only more customisable.

    PS Nice hair by the way, was thinking of doing mine that colour, but we’ll see!

  8. I’m back from bath now, although i’m going to make you wait a little longer until tomorrow afternoon for the suprises.

    I’ve been travelling all day and im shattered now.

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