The IT Crowd Downloads


38 thoughts on “The IT Crowd Downloads”

  1. on bsplayer it says file wont play, and on vlc media player, it plays it, and its all fuzzy and random blocks of colors all over, its impossible to make out what the picture is and u cant hear anything

  2. hey i just discovered your blog. pretty interestin stuff on it. i love the IT crowd but i have missed the last two episodes….ill watch the repeats! cant be bothered 2 download bandwidth problems! blah blah. :D
    i wonder if you actually read every comment that people make to your blog!

  3. I do read every comment i get, they all get sent to my gmail account, maiking it very easy to read.

    Dominik, if you like i can get you an mp3 of the intro music on monday, at the moment im on my girlys computer and its pants!!

    I’ll also be putting up a torrent for the DRM free episode 4 on monday when i get back.

  4. just wanna make sure, the file is working for some of you guys right?

    for me its not working, and it seems to be that way for others too, any idea why that is?

    ill just wait for torrent i guess

  5. Thanks for the heads up.

    Vtunnel probably should work, but for me, it keeps cutting out part way through I have gotten up to 54 meg of 68 meg, so I have watched the first 3/4 of the episode.

    I will get it from a torrent instead.

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