All the Web2.0 you could want

Here is a stunning picture i stumbled across on flickr, its loads and loads of web2.0 sites and buzzwords, if you checkout the page here, you’ll see that there is a link to pretty much every word and site as well, very nice bit of web2.0.
Thanks Kosmar

4 thoughts on “All the Web2.0 you could want”

  1. This is actually my first visit to your site. Just stumbled across it on the front page. And I like what I find here. I read a previous post of your site getting the digg effect. Was the server able to handle that kind of traffic or did your site go down at some point of time? I am asking this question with a genuine interest in knowing and not as a put down kind of thing.

    As far as the web2.0 colash is concerned, it is a very good find indeed. Thanks for the post.

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