No Place like Home

I got back from bath about an hour ago, and im shattered, i had a fun weekend, but last night had an asthma attack, when to hospital, and the came back and had another. Me and lauren ended up staying at her dads house after waking him up at 5am. I didnt get much sleep at all and my lungs are very bruised and aching.

I scratched my ipod up a lot last night, its not looking very happy, and i cant take a photo because i think i left my camera in laurens bedroom. It was a nice weekend because i was with lauren, but as weekends go, i wouldnt want to do it again, very stressful and painful.

I’d like to thank everyone  for all the comments and links and emails, i’m still trying to read through them all, i’ve got lots to do, and lots to blog.
Im back home now, re-charging and planning….

This week there is going to be lots going on at…

A few changes, and a few extra things..

I’m gunning for the top spot.

Watch this space 


10 thoughts on “No Place like Home”

  1. If you’re gunning for top spot, get a proper domain and host (you could still run WordPress, though, of course) with a more personalized layout. And start applying the proper use of grammer and Upper Case.

  2. Not to come off sounding like a sales pitch, but you should look into try the Buteyko breathing technique. I’m 30, have had asthma all my life and it has been slowly getting worse over the past few years – I tend to use my treatment inhaler more than I like, I’ve had some nasty alergic responses to a preventative one and I’d never been hospitalized for it until a few years ago (though my mom has said she should have taken me in a few times when I was younger). I attended a Buteyko class recently and, while I’ve not been keeping up the exercises as much as I need to, I’ve noticed that the more I put into it the more it helps me. Many instructors will offer free introductory meetings, to give you an overview of what it is and why it works, you should look for one of those to start with then see if you want to take it further. It is a lot of work at first, you need to build up your daily amount of breathing exercises to get it to a level where its really helping, and if you’re on a lot of medication you also need to be careful to not come off them too quickly or you could relapse, but I think its worth it. Feel free to email me if you have any questions on it, I might be able to answer some common newbie FAQs being a newbie myself :)

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