is currently being completed and should be live by the end of today. I will be adding to this site weekly, growing it and improving it, until it becomes a fully fledged site. At the moment i will be using it mainly for hosting files and images including….
DRM Free “The IT Crowd” Episodes
More details coming soon

18 thoughts on “”

  1. Just a comment: Please Please Please post the IT crowd in non-wmv format. The .avis of the first two episodes are much nicer than the .wmvs of 3&4. also, they are more universal, the wmvs only play on my mac with shitty flip4mac quicktime so i can’t watch fullscreen (unless i pay apple) whereas the .avis i can watch fullscreen in vlc without paying anyone. seriously. pretty please.

  2. Dont worry Ryan, i have the first 3 episodes as high quality widescreen .avi, and episode 4 currently as a DRM free wmv, but i will be converting it to .avi.

    Its taking a long time to ftp the files on my slow connection tho.

  3. Awesome! Are you planning on eventually migrating your blog over? Let me know if you need help, the last couple of weeks has seen a lot of WordPress internals for me, so I’m pretty familar. Looking forward and thanks for the links to “The IT Crowd,” excellent show. I burn a CD of the first four episodes and brought them into the office today to show some co-workers.

  4. Hey there, looking forward to those files, not been able to catch it on TV so would love to be able to download and watch at my leisure. I agree with the other Ryan about them being available in ‘.avi’ format as I use a Mac as well.

    If you do intend to port your blog over, how would you be able to copy all the current content, as I don’t think has an export function – just a question out of curiosity really, in case I ever want to move my blog to paid-for-hosting.

  5. I’d like to confirm that i will not be moving the blog for the forseeable future, i like and i dont feel the need to move, will be more of an extra to the blog, with files/downloads, links and articles.

    I’ve had a busy time, and my ftp is incredibly slow, but by tomorrow night i should hopefully have all the IT crowd episodes on the site, thats about all i can do until i finish some coursework which is due very soon.

  6. Hi! I’m also thinking about buying a domain name but the one I want is $50 (ouch) I also can buy another one that looks interesting (won’t say which one). Looking forward to hear about your new “look and feel” :)

  7. @Atariboy, dammn you lucky bastard!!! I’m still looking for a domain and for a good price, dou you know any?

    @RyanC: a 2little” bit, but I think it’s somehow normal… :(

    I think I saw a 12$ deal…dunno yet.

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