Too Much Work

I’m snowed under with work just at the moment, so i can’t blog for a couple days.  I’ve put most of my plans on hold until i get back on track, and to make matters worse i have a cold as well.

Hopefully i’ll be finished with my coursework by the weekend and i can blog my heart out!



9 thoughts on “Too Much Work”

  1. Blogging can be tough when you have other things going on in your life. Work for me has been all “go” this week, plus an upcomming convention this weekend has been limiting my posts to one or two a day. But sometimes quality over quantity is better.

  2. I just started work and im tired all the time :( im also trying to get my website up and running at the same time. :D
    at work they got me doing training as well as my regualr hours so i have to work more hours than usual.
    i hate growing up :(

  3. My myspace page is pretty messed up at the moment, i’ve put some css on it to mask the whole page, and when i get the time i will build a much better looking profile on the top of it, but at the moment its not high priorety.

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