Catch Up

I’m spending the day at home today, my cold has got worse, i feel like crap and have too much work to do as well. Our shower has broken again as well, its just not a good week.

Lauren has been with me all week as well which has been wonderful, but it also means that i dont sit infront of my pc all day long, i havent really seen digg or any of my usual blog reads, so i’m a little behind, i’ve also got a couple private beta invites for things as well, but just haven’t had the time to investigate. is kind of online… there is an index and a contact page, again i haven’t really had the time to sort it out. I have uploaded episode 1 and 3 in widescreen .avi form, as well as an .mp3 of the intro music, episode 4 should be on there in widescreen .avi in a few days and tomorrow episode 5 in DRMfree .wmv


I’ve signed up to, which when released will help increase the traffic to your blog by the same amount that you view other blogs, i.e the more blogs you view, the more will view yours. Sign up here

XPize is a little download which updates all the icons, pics and wizards that microsoft couldnt be bothered to update for Windows XP, if you like your XP looking nice then this will suit you perfectly.

Have you ever wanted some of those little badges that you see all over the place, but can never find the one you want?
On this site you’ll find about 4000 of them!

And lastly Zooomr, a cheap copy of flickr that adds a couple of things that the average person would never use, this is not what web2.0 needs, this is not what the interweb needs full stop, people should be putting time into creating something new and useful that doesnt already exist, and if you are going to do it, at least make it better than flickr!! Zooomr fails to get close to flickr from the outset.


13 thoughts on “Catch Up”

  1. Hello.

    Thanks for writing about Zooomr. I’m sorry to hear that you feel that Zooomr is not innovative.

    Zooomr was not meant to be a Flickr clone or knock-off; Because Flickr is the leader for the time being, there are some base features that had to be implemented.

    Where the people at Flickr want to organize photos, I want to explore the information that is inside of Photos (Memories, People, Events, Location, Sound, et cetera) and help connect people with that information. Say you take a photo of a small town in Germany, and someone else takes a photo near-by — using those photos to connect people who already share a common ground.

    (For instance, there is a technology inside of Zooomr called TagMatch that looks for other people who match you based on tags.)

    Though, I suppose the biggest thing I would like to point out is that Zooomr is available in over 12 locales and always growing strong. Where Flickr only speaks English, Zooomr aims to connect the global community, which is a big milestone in itself for me and the team.

    Lastly, there are also some interface refinements and other things that I feel make Zooomr look much more sharp than Flickr. Many people have called Zooomr a Flickr-lite — Even though there was no direct intention to copy Flickr at all.

    If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to read the Zooomr About page and an open letter I wrote to address how I look at photography and the Web.

    Again, I appreciate the mention a lot. Let me know if there is anything I can do to better your experience on Zooomr.

    Kristopher Tate
    Lead Developer —

  2. Atariboy, there is only episode 1, 3 and 4, episode 2 is not on site, atleast you haven’t entered its link or maybe its just me who can’t find it :)

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