The IT Crowd Episode 5

Episode 5 is now online and avaiable for download here from the Channel 4 website.

It looks like channel 4 has listened to its viewers, and removed the DRM from this episode, although you need to be in the UK to download it from their website.

For Anyone outside the UK you can download Episode 5 from

IT Crowd HomepageDiggDownloadsScreencaps

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24 thoughts on “The IT Crowd Episode 5”

  1. The BBC Link is a direct link.. people can download from it, its the same file that atariboy is hosting..
    (Well at least i hope, flashgets downloading from both sites… it claims they’re the same time :) – 2kbs from atariboy/48kbs from BBC… someones connections flooded, use a torrent next time in super seeding mode)


  2. Just for the sake of completeness: just tried to download episode 5 from Germany and it worked flawlessly, maxing out my DSL connection – 3 min for 66MBs is quite nice – kudos to Channel 4 for making it available DRM- and border-free! Looks like someon is understanding *the online crowd*… ;-)

    Pink Panther

  3. you might try posting this on They have free, unlimited hosting / bandwidth for anything you want to post. Granted, they have prohibitions against copyright materials that aren’t yours – but if it’s available for free in the first place, what’s the diff?

  4. a downloaded it (outside UK *G* )
    friend removed drm
    and so its here:
    rsync:// – available in about 30 minutes

    windows users: download winrsync, use servername only and navigate in gui to files

  5. Hi guys, i have this episode but i cant play it, when i click on it, the explorer is turned off. I downloaded it again but same problem, had anybody this problem too?? I really want to see this episode, i love that sitcom :)

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