Free Domain Name

Yep, looks like have messed up a promo a bit, they are giving away a free domain from go-daddy with every purchase, but you dont actually need to buy anything to get a coupon!

Just go here:

Click Redeem Coupon, and it will add it to your basket, then go to checkout and create an account if you dont already have one, and then complete the transaction. You wont be asked for a credit card number or anything, and then within 48 hours you should have an email with the coupon in it waiting to be redeemed at godaddy!!

This may not last for long so you better be quick.

Tellem’ Atariboy sent you!!

Forum thread about it here….

Edit: caught on, its not free anymore, you have to spend at least $0.79, still a domain for that price is pretty good. 


26 thoughts on “Free Domain Name”

  1. Hi, Atariboy. I am very found of your blog and do try to visit daily. This seems to be wonderful offer. I have done the procedure and I am eagrly waiting for the outcome.
    Good Blog! Atari Boy.

  2. * You must purchase at least $0.79 worth of qualifying products to redeem this coupon.

    It seems they’ve caught onto it now, I got that message when trying to proceed to checkout.

  3. I did get my domain. I jumped on it at least 3 weeks ago, and after 3 emails to saying “WTF is my domain”, they filally replied with a promo code that accually worked. Thanks, great find!

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