New Webhost

Thanks to CrazyBarbour, i now have a new webhost for…
I have 20gb of storage which increases every week by 160mb, and 1 TB of bandwidth a month, which increases by 8gb every week.

Very tasty, just waiting for the namespace servers to update from redstation and then will be online once again :)

If you use the promotion code ATARIBOY you can get this for $32 for a whole year, more info here.


21 thoughts on “New Webhost”

  1. Unfair! I get 300MB of space… 15GB data protection… and… it costs me £60. I can’t be arsed to move my DB and scripts though. Oh, and my stats (which go back for a quater of my site’s existance).

  2. bro, you will get the site shutdown on dreamhost. they put you on shared servers and the cpu use is what they control since they oversell the rest.

    good luck though, but you will probably get the site shut down soon.

  3. Why do you say that, i’ve looked around the net and seen many positive reviews. Redstation still hasnt done anything about the DNS so my site is not online yet, but we will see.

  4. Alejandro, basically it means yours, mine and Andrew’s site could be on the same server. So say DreamHost has it so if my site get’s one TB of traffic it shuts down the server for 3 days. That means your and Andrew’s site couldnt be worked on or reached for 3 days.

  5. So we depend on other poeple? that’s crap!! I don’t like that kind of servers! althou I have one :P but as far as I know, a dedicated server costs even more money, isn’t it? :?

  6. Digg protection, LOL!

    Ryan well explained. No, Alejandro, we don’t depend on the other person… You see the server will have an overall limit of say 500 TB and about a 100 sites will be hosted there. Each site will have it’s own quota exceeding which, boom! Site suspended!

    You can always go for Shared Hosting, quite reliable and Dedicated is expensive and only if your site will give you returns. Try or for other good hosts!

  7. Alejandro, why do you not like it so much? You depend on others for everyday things. Such as if your neighbor hits the power pole nearby, you’ll probaby loose power. Its the same concept.

  8. I didnt realise this, but i dont think it is much of an issue, for me at least, 1 TB a month = about 30GB a day, I really dont see my site getting anywhere near that much traffic!

    I dont think is quite popular enough for its on dedicated server…. just yet :P

  9. Now that is online again i can test out the hosting a bit, its definatly quicker than my old host (Redstation) in both viewing the webpage and uploading via FTP.

    Have to give it a few days and see how it goes.

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