Saturday news

With offline, and me having very little money it may be down for sometime. But i’m getting ontop of my coursework again so i can catch up with my blogging..

Firstly a few links and sites:

Bitty Browser – Bitty is a webbrowser within a webpage, you can embed it into your page to allow other sites to be viewed without leaving your page, i thought it was pretty cool.

Flock 0.5.11 released –  They’ve made a lot of changes, flock is looking more tasty, but the favourites bar isnt quite right yet, and the user flow needs some tweaking, but its definatly more of an option for web2.0 bloggers now.

WebhostingBuzz – rather nicely priced webhosting, i maybe be swtiching over to this is Redstation cause me any more problems.

EjediKnights weblog – very cool nerdy blog.

BBC on IT Crowd – a nice article and interview with the writer of the IT Crowd

Webby’s world – A tasty wordpress blog, full of useful and geeky posts.

Times starting to tick for my project, with only 5 weeks left to finish it, the pressure is starting to build, I’ll be spending a lot more time on it now. If anyone with good C# .net programming knowledge wants to help me then drop me an email, it would be very appriciated.

My new Flickr group is coming along nicely, we have 25 members and 107 photos so far.

I also noticed the other day that you dont need an invite to join Cocomment anymore, which means everyone can join. They have also been adding more features.

Dont forget to sign up to Blogmad as well, the earlier you sign up, the better the traffic increase you’ll see when it goes live. Sign up here.

I’ve also been a bit cheeky and change my myspace profile quite a lot, it doesnt work too well in IE tho, but then who uses that!?!


6 thoughts on “Saturday news”

  1. I mentioned this on one of the other posts, but my bet is that you didn’t see it since there’s a long list of comments on it already.

    Anyway: I’d recommend hosting your large media files on – free, unlimited hosting/bandwidth indefinitely. They have prohibitions against copyrighted stuff (e.g., sharing your Coldplay mp3s through their website), but since “The IT Crowd” is already available for download off of the Channel 4 website, I think it would be ok to post it on Ourmedia. I haven’t been able to download episode 5 yet, or else I’d just do it myself. I’m in the US, so can’t really access that UK-locked channel 4 download..

  2. I did see you comment david, but i jsut dont have the upload speed to put up more large files, plus the IT crowd is copyrighted so it would only get taken down again.


  3. I may be able to help you…. Have you ever heard of Dreamhost? They have a package called “Crazy
    Domain Insane!”! It costs $119 for 1 year. But I have a discount code that gets you a $110 discount. So $9 for a year. If you are interested… email me :D

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