Bargin hosting deal

I’ve managed to get a deal and a half for all my readers:

20GB of webspace (increases by 160mb a week)

1TB of bandwidth a month (increases by 8GB a week)

A free .com Domain name, plus PHP, Jabber IM, MySQL and one-click WordPress setup as well.
This would usually be $120, but if you use the promo code: ATARIBOY

then it only costs $32 for a whole year, thats only £18.60
Click here for more details, Be sure to choose 1 year pre-payment at level one (Crazy Domain Insane)

Need any help? Just email me:


19 thoughts on “Bargin hosting deal”

  1. Final price is showing up as $32.40. Also, it looks like this discount is for the first year only, after that it will go back up to the normal price.

  2. Even at $32.40 it’s still a great deal. I signed up. I love it so far, pretty flexible. It let me keep my MX where it is and still move my websites. I’ve already used the one-click install of MediaWiki and phpBB2, both worked great. They also have one-click installs of WordPress and a several other open source packages too. You can add up to 75 shell/ftp users and even set space limits for each of them seperately.

  3. Awesome package, though not so awesome that you don’t want to “reveal” the fact that you make money from it and delete two comments stating that fact.

    Nothing wrong with posting a referral link that will both gain you and your readers, but there’s something very wrong in hiding it.

  4. I delete the comments which were completely wrong, i get $10 per sign up, not $97.
    How does that make any business sense at all? customer pays $32, Business pays referrer $97, business looses $65.

  5. Nice try Atariboy and congrats if you’ve made some cash off this already, but you’d have probably made more if you had been open about your motivation from the start…$$$ money money money

  6. wtf guys get off his back he’s handing out a good deal. why you gotta be all up in his grill? So what if a brotha makes a buck or two. You save, he gains, everyones happy.

  7. Common practise, but not a rule!

    Surely i can put what ever i like on my personal blog?

    There are no set rules how to post on your blog, that would kind of remove the personality of it.

    If you dont like the way i blog fuxors, dont read my blog., its pretty simple really.

    I would have thought that the use of MY NAME is the promotional code, might have given a bit of a hint that the customer is saying to dreamhost that they have seen my blog, i.e was referred by me.

    I could remove the referral links, and nothing would change, the use of the code would act as the referral.

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