Sunday Evening

I can stop playing this game at the moment:

Funky Truck 4WD

I went swimming for the first time in 3 years today, and it was great fun. Flumes and slides and a wave machine. And the best showers i have ever used, i am definatly getting a shower room built in my house when i get one :) still is not working, but being a sunday i wasnt expecting too much, hopefully by tomorrow the DNS will have updated and i can upload everything.

I’ve been adding a few bits to it, although its still only 2 pages. When i get a bit more free time i’ll fill it out a bit more.

I cooked my own dinner, i mean really cooked rather than just heated tonight, i’m rather proud of myself, although not as proud as when i made my monster sandwich:

Thats 2 half pound burgers, 4 pieces of bacon and 4 slices of cheese!!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Evening”

  1. There is not timelimit, so you dont need to rush, drive slowly down the hills, and if you flip upside down hold down reverse (down arrow) and it should flip you up again.

  2. WOW, thats what you call a burger. I bet you could just feel the arteries clogging :P Mind you I worked at McDonalds for three years, so I can’t talk :P :P

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