A view from Mary Newman

I borrowed Andrews camera today and took it up to the 11th floor of Mary Newman building in plymouth uni:

This is the building in question.. Mary Newman.

There are 6 megapixel shots on my flickr, the lighting is a bit off in places, but it was my first time using the camera, plus i snuck up there against uni regulations so i had to be a bit quick. I’ll take some more next week, with a nice sony cybershot if jo will let me borrow it.


9 thoughts on “A view from Mary Newman”

  1. Not a paritcually nice day, and when the camera was aimed towards the sun it made it even darker.

    The wind chill out side is really painful, i’ll jsut stay inside and blog :P

    Cant wait to get my hands on a fancy cybershot, my one is only 2mb, not really much use at that height.

  2. I got a T7 there over summer, but it is just my portable camera for carrying around anywhere… My serious job is the near brand new totally awesome R1 that I got december, or rather I am to share it with the family, but that will never happen.

  3. I think Jo has onea bit like the T7.

    That R1 looks stunning, i’d love a camera like that, but i dont think i would use it enough to justify the cost, and i would be scared for taking it outside!

  4. I am a big Sony buff and the workers at the Sony Centre know me and buy everything with there store discount for me… so I save more than 20% if the manager buy for me. Muwhahahaaaa. But the R1 is awesome, when I read about it, I was like wow… and so I started photography… I dabble, then see what I can do with PS. Will some day get some work up for others to laugh at :P

  5. that brings memories.

    i remember sneaking into certain rooms in the babbage building so we could do all the things we shouldn’t have been doing on the computers.

    and is that the scott building in the background on one of the picture with the babbage building in shot? that place was like a maze. finding rooms on the mezzanine floor was a swine at first.

    i hope the upsu bar has improved since i was there.

    uop survivor

  6. I love the mystery floor of scott building, you never really know where you are, floor 2.5!!

    The bar has improved, except that the have MTV Dance on all day long, i tend to avoid the place unless im running really low on money.

  7. the upsu never was great for music but handy for nasty flowers ipa at a quid a pint (in 1998)

    the grand duchess, jsv, and kitty o’hanlons were okay. it wasn’t uncommon to see lecturers wasted in the jsv on friday evenings.

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