Quote of the Day

“If you want to feel blessed, walk round a hospital”

My robotics lecture said this today, “Life has treated them unfairly, you still have all your arms and legs”, when we were talking about exams and coursework. He (Paul Robinson) is a great lecture, with huge amounts of experince in every type of engineering, as well as physics and maths, we are often regailed with stories and tales of places and things that the average person wouldnt get to see.

Today he told us that out of all the engineering styles and disciplines, Control Engineering is the hardest to get your head around, its as much of an art form as it is mathmatical.

This kind of inspired me and i have been working hard today, the past few days i’ve been sitting on my ass doing not very much. So today I’ve done some programming, taken some nice photos, blogged a bit, finished a piece of coursework and met up with a friend who moved to London.

My small program, although has limited functionality, was very forfilling, it can be directly intergrated into my final year project, and only took me a couple of hours.

After seeing some Visual Basic Code for the first time today, i’m even more in love with C#, its so high level and simple, and beautifully set out. VB just looked a mess compared to it, the only thing with C# is the need for the .net framework, which can be a bit of a hefty download for dialup users. But i would imagine that it will come built into Windows Vista. I dont think Java is to far away from C# either, so after exams i’ll look into that along with javascript and CSS… The Zen of CSS Design looks like a great book to start with.

Everything seems to be falling into place today, money problems are sorting themselves out, my cold is clearing up, and my motivation is back.

I have two MSN Messenger Live invites if anyone wants one send me an email, and anyone else who wants to try it out… Go here and use a the proxy to trick it to act like 7.5

I had a look at Frappr today, seems a little confusing, and a little bit pointless, but i’ll give it a chance, my profile is: http://www.frappr.com/atariboy, If anyone runs a cool group then be sure to add me.

My housemate Mike has also been blogging away and is building up a nice collection of articles, i especially like the firefox review, and what grinds his gears!!


7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Hmmm I don’t really like the idea that ppl can see where you live on Frappr…. Mr *I live on Greenbank Road* ! Anyway, Mike’s blog is gd yea! It is in my bookmark folder of Top 10 blogs I visit hourly (sort of) *within reason*

  2. yeah, but greenbank road is a long long road, there are a lot of houses on it!

    You’ll never find me, muhahahah

    Mikes blog is coming along nicely, and very different to mine too.

  3. Pah! You GREATLY under estimate my determination!!! I am very resourceful! Muwhahahahaaaaa
    Mike’s blog is coming along yea, It sort of makes me thing I shud maybe do something on mine…. I will eventually :D

  4. Good old Visual Basic. I must admit I still have an affinity for it, due to the little projects I used it for during my placement year of Uni, but it did take a bit of getting used to again having not used it for a while. I haven’t actually looked at C# but my friend keeps recommending it. I’ve used Java too, and have to say its a pain, but there’s no getting around the fact that it can be quite powerful…

  5. I saw that zen book in waterstones yesterday… £30!!

    Although its not like a regular book, its very well set out in more of a graphic style rather than just reems of text, i’ll have to improve my photoshopping as well once i get into css.

    Oh and C# rocks its my fav language i’ve used so far, although its a shame that it needs a framework to run.

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