Wednesday Afteroon links

I’ve been very busy with my project this week and not really had much time to blog, but i have some links that i saved:

A funny Falloutboy video – if you hate falloutboy you’ll like this! We’re going down tuuuuu in a luleelurah!!

Funny Trivium video – same kind of piss take as the falloutboy one. SEGA NATION!!

Crazy german kid (right click > save as) – this kid is insane, are there really people who get this worked up over a game?

Penny arcade – Im sure most of you already know about this one, but i only discovered it yesterday, some very funny comics, i like this one especially. – Some very cool web2 art, pictures made from screenshots of websites, i espiecally like the one.


And dont forget in a weeks time goes into public beta, so sign up now and earn some early credits.

Mikes getting a Graphics card in the mail today, so tonight we will be playing DoD for hours on end. If you want to join us add me on xfire: atariby


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Afteroon links”

  1. I know!!
    Its kinda adictive too, just reading backwards thru all the older comics, i could do it for hours..

    oh and my name.. I was called that by a townie as an insult, “take your crappy website down, you atariboy”, when i left a club which couldnt keep going without my help..

    The next day i change the clubs website to a huge Atari sign, and i’ve used the name ever since!

  2. I signed up at Blogmad!
    I think UrlyArt is pure evil…
    The crazy German kid is indeed insane, or so it seems, honestly, I think it’s either fake or his parents weren’t home or his dad had installed that camera so that the kid couldn’t see it to confront him and then ban him from using the computer for the rest of his miserable life >=D
    I haven’t looked at the other 2 yet.

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