Start of the weekend

I do love being a student… thursday evening and its the start of my weekend. I’m shopping around for a 19″ monitor for about £200, send any deals my way :P and my parents are helping me out with it so i only have to pay half.

Mike finally got a graphics card (ATi 9550), so we have been playing Day of Defeat for hours, with teamspeak too, it definatly adds another level to the game, makes it so much more team based.

I went out to PC world with Jo, Andrew and Mike earlier… its a huge one at the edge of town, i could have spent all day walking around there, so much stuff, although its all at least 10% more expensive than on the interweb.

Thinking i’ve got to get another C# book as well, to help me out with my programming, espeically mouse movements and classes, but the books in PC world were £30, a little bit much, so i’ll have a look online.

I’m also looking into java, Gary my coursemate is thinking of controlling his robot with a PDA, and java would be easy to put on it, and as it is a lot like C#, and he cant program to save his life!, i may help him out a lot, and in return get a rather tasty java book for free, and some very nice things to put on my CV too.

This weekend i’m going to be working hard on my program, with regions, context menus and custom dialogs, but that would only make sense to a programmer! I’m feeling quite confident about it, i should be able to get everything asked of me done by this weekend, so i can start adding extra credit bits next week.

Only got one link today.. A banned advert for mortal combat which i thought was cool, not as good as the banned xbox ones tho.

Oh and technorati updated finally, the rank of this blog is now: 9,969!!


5 thoughts on “Start of the weekend”

  1. Under 10k?! Cripes, mine was written out in scientific notation.

    I took a couple Java classes and I’m trying C# on my own courtesy of the MS freebie (“Express”) versions on MSDN. Maybe it’s the programs I’ve done or seen in Java, but I just don’t the way they “feel”. I like the visual nature of MS IDEs, I guess.

  2. As someone who’s programmed in both Java and C# I’d keep away from Java.
    If the checked exceptions (anything that can throw an exception must be caught, no exceptions) don’t drive you round the bend then the GUI’s horrible multi-tiered design and lack of responsiveness will get you instead.

    Just a warning, if you head towards the mobile Java frameworks you tend to lose stuff like floating point numbers and most of the good stuff, but I think that’s mostly for phones not PDAs.

    I see more jobs going for C/C++/C#/VB then Java developers so it might be better to look at one of the other ones if you want to improve your job prospects.

  3. A few people have told be to steer clear of java since i mentioned it.

    The problem is we are kind of stuck with the hardware we have which is a palm PDA, if you can suggest another way to program from that platform then i’m all ears..

  4. What’s the program you’re developping? I’m curious! I’m a programmer myself (3D programmer at Ubisoft) so I can understand all that geeky stuff you’re talking about.

    Java can be fun but I’d probably only use it for mobile development. I’m working with people who used to make games for cell phones and there are crazy constraints in there. Imagine, even though java is OO, they’d have only one big class with every methods/members possible in there otherwise it’s too slow! You get the picture!

    I’ve never really programmed in C# so I can’t say anything for/against it but I guess it’s in the middle between VB and C++.

  5. Its a teaching program, to help people learn the concepts for flow charts.

    You create a flow chart and fill it out with assembly code functions like add, subract, move etc. and then it compiles that code and sends it to the TAD board, which is an 8051 teaching board used in plymouth uni.

    I’m currently just adding the finishing touches to the flow chart creation, then just a case of putting the assembly code in.

    Its all going suprisingly well, apart from i cant work out how to drag things around on the screen yet, but thats not a high piroity at the moment with the open day (read show and tell) in 4 weeks time!

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