Dual screen here i come..

I’ll be ordering this monitor tomorrow morning, £231 from pixmania. I get free delivery with them and I found a code for £10 off too!

Details: 19″, 4ms, 1280×1024, 700:1, 270 cd/m2, 160°


10 thoughts on “Dual screen here i come..”

  1. That looks like a great monitor. How is the speed? Can you see any ghosting in videos or games? I haven’t been able to find an LCD I can stand yet for gaming.

    I might be able to swing a free height adjustable LCD stand for you from my company, Ergotron, if you’re interested. I’m trying to get them to start giving stuff out to review sites and bloggers to get some feedback from them, and generate some buzz. You can try it out and let everyone know your experience with it, good or bad. Drop me an E-Mail if you’re interested.

  2. I have a Samsung 730BF, which is basicly the same as this one, it’s just 17″ instead of 19″. It indeed has a responsetime of 4ms and it’s absolutely ghosting free. I’ve tested my screen in several ways to determine hard to see ghosting, but it simply has none. Brilliant screen.

  3. I am a regular reader of your blog. I am a uk blogger as well aspiring to reach greater reader numbers as well. Anyway keep up the good work. That is one great monitor and good price too. I bought a similar one along with a mac mini.

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