Connection lost…

I feel like i lost a limb!!

At 4pm today my messenger signed out, the net was gone, im not sure what is wrong but i will be phoning telewest tomorrow to see whats up.

So i’m in the uni using the horribly crappy over night computers.

Most of my passwords dont seem to work here, not quite sure if its a broken key on this shitty keyboard, or i’ve been hacked in both gmail and flickr (different passwords and usernames), a bit worrying but not much i can do at the moment.

Its definatly obvious that i’m addicted to the internet, i’ve go so much programming done this evening, fixed many problems and improved the program considerably. I wouldnt have done anywhere near as much if i had the net, just because i’d be lazy browsing for hours, not realy getting anything constructive done.

I’ve pretty much go everything i can out of my first C# book (GDI+ programming), so i’m going to get a bit more advanced one from waterstones tomorrow.

I’ve ordered my monitor, should be here early next week, and i’ve got a verysleek palm pda to play with for a week or two, so i’ll try some java programming out next week :)

I’m also pretty unreachable without the net, i have no landline telephone, only my mobile, and i dont have any credit on it, people can phone me, but i cant phone them.

I’m just downloading the IT Crowd now, unfortunatly I wont be able to upload it for a few days (possibly tomorrow if i go round garys house) but i’ll give it a watch and update tomorrow.

Sorry for no IT Crowd tonight guys, it might be my fault, it might be telewests, i’ll fnd out tomorrow (i’ve got a feeling that i’ve been cut off for not signing any kind of contract after 3 months of service!!)


7 thoughts on “Connection lost…”

  1. i had this problem also with telewest today, i find that if you turn off the internet box for 5 minuets from the plug and then switch it back on it usually works again!

  2. hmmm… 2 weeks ago, there was a huge technical fault in my area with my ISP, NTL, and I had no active connection for a week!!! I phoned them up and gave them a piece of my mind and got upgraded to their 10Mb connection for the price of the current connection. So make sure you complain loads :P

  3. Feel free to pop round and use mine whenever, I’m a bit closer than the uni. Not that you can read this without going to uni first :D

  4. hey nez, i gather the internet is still down then? booo. well not to rub it in weve got braodband here, dial up broadband tho, which is annoying, tryin to disconnect every 20mins. Anyway have you figured out whats wrong with the internet, is it blueyonders fault or do i owe you money, cuz i mback 2moro, also is the shower fixed?
    well as for my weekend, i spent most of it drinking, and bumping into loadsa random people i havent seen in ages. anway ill be back monday afternoon,

    catcha on the flipside

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