Connection Reactivated!

I’ve got my net back, what a relef, although i did get a lot of work done without it.

My shower is fixed too now, whilst they were fixing it, we had to have the power off for an our… and i thought i was dependant on the internet!! I resorted to making a cup of tea on the gas stove, if we lost electricty, the world would grind to a halt.

I’ve been lent a Palm Zire 72s to play with for a while, i’m going to try and program a small java app for it in the the week, its a wonderful little thing, like a pocket diary, with a 1.2 megapixel camera on the back, and built in bluetooth, although that is causing some problems at the moment. I’ve been trying to set it up so that i can access the internet on the palm via my pc, but the internet connection sharing wont turn on, its rather strange, and i havnt fiddled too much yet, but i still prefer Wi-fi, and if i was to get hold of a wi-fi SD card then it would hook up to the net so much smoother and i could surf pretty much anywhere in the uni too.

UT2007 is shaping up to be a beautiful game, i know my current pc would never run it with any graphics options turned on, but when i upgrade later this year i’ll definatly be playing this.

I’ve also been offered a piece of geek hardware to review, it should be here by tuesday or wednesday hopefully, and then there will be a whole full blown review with loads of pics, you are going to want one of these!!!

I’ve been plowing through my checklist of things to do for the open day (4 weeks time), i think my project supervisor will be very impressed, i’ve basically done all the work he ask for this weekend giving me the chance to push forward and put extra features and functions in, which = more marks :)

I’m currently trying to work out how to send variables (ints) between forms, its been a mystery to me for a few weeks now, but not to much of an issue, but now i need to be able to do it. If anyone has experince with the .net framework, or C#, or general windows programming and wants to help me out, it would be much appericated and rewarded ;)
Beer festival tomorrow in the university… might have to pop in for a swift half between lectures.. or two!

And next weekend i get to have my lovely girlfriend back for the weekend.

Its all coming up Milhouse! 


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