Everyone blogs the same news?

I’ve been looking round at lots of blogs this evening, geeky ones and popular ones, you know the top 500 technorati kinda blogs.

And i noticed a bit of a trend…

I didnt hear about google releasing their own wysiwyg webpage editor, they released it whilst i was without the internet for that horrible 2 days, but since i got back online i’ve been seeing this same bit of news everywhere, especially blogs, and the popular ones too.
I would imagine that many readers here are also fans of digg.com, which just recently has entered the top 500 websites on the whole interweb (pretty popular) and as it happens very little gets past digg, if its big news it will be on the front page.

With digg becoming so popular there is not much of a need for these big news stories to be posted on hundreds of blogs, all with the same details.

So why bother? I just think its almost a bit of a waste of time, at least for the geeky.

We know whats going on in the mainstream, the big companies shout their releases from the rooftops, what i want to see is the more hidden titbits (hehe) of the interweb, those sites that not to many people know about, or that never got the attention they deserved.

So link me up blog-o-sphere, i want to see the weird and wonderful, the geeky and the cool, but most importantly, the stuff i havnt seen on the digg.com front page.

Heres my contribution: http://mandolux.mine.nu/ (a beautiful wallpaper site)

and Garys: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html (Strongbad!!)


17 thoughts on “Everyone blogs the same news?”

  1. A-MEN. A large part of why I started blogging was because my feed reader (Thunderbird 1.5) Was getting the exact same news. I figured there might be a market out there for some original content. Yeah, I get into the political stuff that other people do, but enough with the: 1.) ‘Play-by-play of my life’ blogs (most aren’t that interesting) and 2.) the ‘ here is what is on slashdot/digg/cnn today’ blogs. Seriously, if slashdot or CNN needs a mirror, wait until they ask.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve cut my RSS subscriptions down loads and now tend to follow the meme trackers or the niche/original blogs. If the news is of relevancy, you’ll hear it soon enough.

  3. Love the mr fluffles show carl…I only use netvibes to read RSS and have a few chosen sites because of the same stuff as you guys with same news and stuff :/

  4. digg is reliant on blogs, yes, but for origonal news not the rehashed stuff that everyone heres from everywhere.

    I’d also like to say that if you have something significant to add to a piece of news or a good point/opinion then blog away, but there is not much point in mirroring slashdot or digg, just like techandother said.

    Joe, maybe you have a point, if you blog current news all the time (basically becoming a news site) then you will get lots of traffic. (boingboing for example), but i really dont care for this whole A-list/Y-list blog naming thing, its kinda gettign a bit to close to holywood, and we all know how fake that is!!

  5. See, a blog is a place for you to share your own feelings… So if you see some interesting news, check it out for yourself and then give your opinions on it via the blog, thus giving the blog your personal touch… Instead of making it dry with just the news, give them the views and all the funda that they need and why they should/should not do so!

  6. Wow…. Strongbad, that brings me back a while. The memories of when I was in 2nd year (around 14) and always watched the episodes. My friend’s email once got selected… I think. Good times….

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