I was browsing CoComment earlier and i stumbled across, by the looks of it, it is a very popular blog (he lives off the money he makes from it), and it has some excellent tips for bloggers be them n00b or l33t, i was quite impressed and took some of the tips to heart to try and improve my blog.

But… adsense, always with the adsense!

I was reading one of his posts and there was a bit about the growth in populartiy of your blog over time, which is pretty true, if you continue to post regualrly for a year you are going to get quite a few follows, but then he went on to say how you can expect to make certain amounts of money and have it increase every month. A little pause… How is he making this money?

I love Adblock, it has hiddened every single one of his adsense ‘verts and banners and giant iFrames.

Open up in IE6 and it looks quite a bit more jumbled, with adblock the theme was very nice and clean and clear, but without the adsense words just messed it up and put me off the blog a bit.

Obviously he is making money from his blog (quite a bit my the looks of it) but at what cost?

Personally if i didnt have adblock i would be instantly put off by the large ads obscuring his articles, lots of them promoting more affilite programs and adsense for bloggers (almost liek a pyrimd scheme maybe?), but i dont know what other people think of it.

Would you have a kinder word to say about it?

Would you be a regular reader of a blog with that many adverts?

Do you use adblock to shield you from the horrors of adsense?


11 thoughts on “Problogger”

  1. I really don’t mind small ads on blogs, whether on the pages or the RSS feeds, but there is a point where it goes too far. I would definately be turned off a blog if it had too many ads.

    That’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t have adblock or something like it – I prefer to see what the author wants to subject his/her readers to.

    My personal blog = no ads, work site = ads on the page and Pheedo in the RSS, but I don’t think they are too intrusive.

  2. Problogger’s content is great so i’d put up with almost any ad he put on it.

    I think he’s also been pretty subtle with his ads in comparison to some – they blend in enough not to interfere too much.

  3. Problogger adverts arnt too bad, and his content is very good, i know that i would live off my blog if i could, but my writing is not up to it, and i dont think i have much life experience either which kinda limits me to what i can write about as well.

    I think im just a bit shocked when ever i turn off adblock now, i’m so used to the net without hundreds of ads.

  4. Only just saw this – AtariBoy – I’m sure you could make some money from your blog if you desired to do so. It might not be a massive earner because of your topic/s being more general and less commercial than some – but you seem to have a pretty active blog and I’d guess you could do ok.

    of course ads are not for every blogger and I always recommend people think carefully before putting them on.

    But if you ever do decide to go that direction let me know and I’d be happy to lend a hand if I can.

    Otherwise – thanks for the comments everyone.

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