Spread Firefox

I dont know why i haven’t done this before!? I love firefox and i have set up my whole family, all of my housemates and friends with it, and non of them have ever gone back to Internet explorer.

Today i signed up to the affiliate program. So basically i get a point every time someone clicks on the pic below, for every click i get a point, and points mean prizes :)


6 thoughts on “Spread Firefox”

  1. Me either, but im trying to actively increase my traffic, and i put a link to firefox on another post so i thought i might as well sign up and gets some points for it.

  2. Firefox crashes all of the time, too many memory leaks. IE isn’t perfect, IE7 is getting better. These religious wars over browsers and OSes are ridiculous.

  3. Old versions of firefox crash all the time, firefox 1.5 is as stable as a stone pillar.
    But anyway, I’m a happy Opera user :P I use firefox only if Opera doesn’t display a site properly.

  4. If you like Firefox (I have used it since 0.7 ), you may want to give Flock a look – or second look since latest release(http://flock.com). I tried an earlier version and had several issues, but the most recent has improved quite a bit.

    Still in beta (just released 0.5.12), based on Firefox code, but with some new fun cool-age.There has been tons of pro / con debate on the web; mostly detractors. Case in point is the site – flocksucks.wordpress.com.

    I really do not think it sucks, and is worth a look. I like that you can post to blog and flickr from the browser without extensions. Also you can drag content into the blog edit window.

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