Still going strong

140,061 views in the past 30 days

Quite frankly i’m amazed that I’ve remained in the top 4 wordpress blogs for so long now!

I’d like to thank all my regular readers, also, does anyone read my RSS feed? i’ve never looked at it myself, and wordpress dont give you the stats for that (that i know of anyway).

So another week, another monday.

I’m hard at work trying to get as much project done before i see my tutor again so i havnt really got much time to blog at the moment, although i’m planning a battle of the IMs soon, so far i have:

Trillian, MSN, Yahoo, Gaim, AIM, Googletalk,, Skype, ICQ, meetro and xfire

I’m sure there are lots more that i have missed so let me know and i’ll add them to the list. Unfortunatly its going to be a windows only affair, unless someone wants to do a guest post for Linux and or Mac, as i dont have enough access to either until easter.

When i was walking home in the freezing cold today i was thinking of things that i want to learn once i finish my project, computery things mainly especially stuff that would help me getting a job so far on my list is:

  • CSS and XHTML
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • more C#

I have a little knowledge of most of them, but i want to expand on them so that if i put down on my CV that i know about them its not a complete lie!

Any more that employers look for?

Oh and one other thing that made my day, and some other students like myself may have forgotten… we still have one more student loan payment to come this year :)


53 thoughts on “Still going strong”

  1. Yep, I read the RSS feed – its the only way to fly.

    As for the Mac IMs, I might be able to hook you up. I use a PC in my home office, but I am a Mac man while on the road (which I am a fair bit).

  2. “Oh and one other thing that made my day, and some other students like myself may have forgotten… we still have one more student loan payment to come this year :)”

    Yep, and mine was spent some time ago! Doh!

  3. I get your rss feed in Thunderbird.

    I also suggested to WP that they add a second line to the traffic graph mapping traffic to the rss page. They’d have to find a way to track unique visitors, though, otherwise the numbers will be crazy from people who have theor rss reader to poll the feeds every 5 minutes. Shouldn’t be too hard though.

    I would recommend PHP/MySQL. Lots of fun to be had there.

  4. I sent wp a suggestion for the blog stats page today:

    Hi, just a quick suggestion, how about a overal total views on your blog, or at least overall views for the past 7/30 days, i have to add mine up manually every time i want to work this out.

    Also is there any way to tell how many people are subscribed/read your blog from your RSS feed?

    Other than that i love the blog stats.

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  6. As I said in the first post Atariboy, I’d be happy to do some comparisons for you.

    And I would second the Feedburner idea, I use that for my feed and it is pretty much the only good way to get reliable stats.

  7. Ok so we have Brad for the Mac section, jsut need a linux guy and we are set.

    What is this feedburner thing?

    I tend to pass on a lot of the web2 stuff, im jsut too lazy, i dont even use RSS (mainly because i couldnt find a good app or firefox extenison that suited me for reading them)

    oh and i’m not switching to opera before anyone says!!

  8. Wow… lots of comments!!! I would have liked to e the Mac writer :'( but Brad beat me too it. Damn. Oh well, I will read brads and point out any mistakes…. (no pressure Brad.. Muwhahahaaa)

  9. Andrew, not to sound rude. But if you were the computer geek you claim to be, you’d know that database skills is a thing employeers want. And how does it make it sound boring? Again if you knew about this, you’d know that you just set them up, not data entry.

  10. Computer “Geek” not “Nerd”, databases dont excite me one little bit.

    Yes they may be good for employment but its really not something im particulaly bothered about at the moment, and visual basic is really not my cup of tea, i like my code to be nicely set out and ordered, visual basic looks like such a mess!

    I may look into them once i’ve learned all the interesting stuff i want to, but at the moment they are bottom of the list.

  11. I find that VB has no real structure… I did my coursework using VB and I didn’t really know what was doing and found I could random guess and it worked. Know a lot more know tho.

  12. I think that nerd and geek are quite different things, a nerd may like databases, but geeky like more cool things like Quad SLI and flying robots with shotguns.

    To me databases seem much more boring but then it is an opinion and everyone has their own.

    An what i have seen of visual basic code, like crazy said, it has very little structure, obviously a good VB programmer/program would be just as good as something written in C# but again its an opinion.

  13. Geeks are more into their gadgets and having fun, whereas nerds are into their work and learning etc. Usually they are boring, and very annoying (beating me in tests and such… which just isn’t on!) :P

  14. WOW, great find Fluppe, i always forget about wikipedia.

    I think i’ll jsut link to this, i’ve got a lot of work on at the moment and those two pages have much more information than i could ever include.

  15. If you think about it Crazy, you will realize no language has a definate structure. Take JAVA, you make a method, you could have a few parameters, and you could do just about anything between the curly brackets. Same thing goes for HTML, PHP, and CSS, just to name a few. It all depends on what code you look at and how much you know. I used to visit a database forum. There was people that barely know what they were doing and their code went all over. The guys that have been working with it for years had cleaner code.

  16. Ryan, we all agree that you are a 100% geek with loads of programming skill but don’t bore us to death. ;)) JK!

    As for the difference between geeks and nerds, geeks are more associated with Technology and stuff whereas nerds are with books. :p

    @Andrew: You can check how many people subscribe to your blog in Bloglines!

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