IM Preview

Here is a little hint at what will be coming in the windows part of the IM review.

More details coming soon regarding the Mac, Linux and Web Messengers coming soon..

Edit: added Miranda, Xfire and Gaim


21 thoughts on “IM Preview”

  1. Gush is pretty new, its currently in beta i think, very web2.0.

    Its a Mulitclient IM with a built in feedreader and flickr intergration too.

    Looks pretty sweet, havnt got round to trying it out yet

  2. Well you should add Adium as a Mac IM… It is a IM client for msn, google talk, jabber, bonjour, yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Lotus, Zephyr, .Mac, Gadu-Gadu, Novel GroupWise.
    It is the main client for Mac users, *I think!*

  3. I use Adium for Mac myself, but would love to see Microsoft update MSN for Mac to the same standard as the Windows one.

  4. What other IM programmes do you know for Mac? All I can think of is Adium and Proteus (which is now for free!). And I know both. And both of them (as always) have their pros and cons. But I will spread that later on in the comments to your detailed report of the Mac IM review … if necessary.

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