Blog Mad has gone live with a public beta today, an i have to say its incredibly addictive!

I’ve already accumlated 20 points from browsing other peoples blogs and bought a lottery ticket to win 700 crdits :P

I’m hoping to improve my rank to junior by the end of today, i’ll update on how much extra traffic im getting from it in a few hours.

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37 thoughts on “BlogMad”

  1. I dont think im getting any traffic from it at the moment, it seems to have a problem/bug with blogs.

    And there are not a huge amount of people signed up to it, so i keep seeing the same blogs, but its earning me nice amounts of credits.

  2. I’m going to agree with you napfisk, it really isn’t as great as i hoped.

    Lots of errors, not enough people, and blogs arnt working very well at all.

    Have to give it a bit more time i think, maybe come back in april when they have sorted the bugs out.

  3. I’ve got 9 hits from blogmad so far, although they seem to be having some issues, i had a timeout, and a few errors when viewing the Varb, and its logged me out a few times unexpetidly.

    9 hits a day is good for smaller blogs, but at the moment there are not really any good blogs on there to discover, except maybe mine :P

  4. So you know about these issues?

    Also can you jsut give out free credits? hehe :P

    i love the concept, but the website isnt really in a very finished state, are you sure that it was ready to go into public beta?

  5. yes there are bugs. Its a beta.
    Yes we launched it with bugs or we would not have kept our promise tolaunch march1 and dissapointed many people.
    yes we promise a 1:1 ratio, it will even itself out over time.
    Yes there are more blogs on the way, theres a newsletter going out today.


  6. I have 1835 credits!!

    I’m not trying to put it down, but there are some big bugs which i thought you would have fixed/worded around before releasing it to the public, some people might be put off my it.

    37:106 at the moment.

    We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

  7. Also every time i log in or return to the homepage after surfing blogs i find that my account has been deactivated, maybe this is why i’m getting such a low ratio?

  8. Atariboy: That is very likely. I know yesterday there were problems with RPC, thought it was fixed. It is the same with any traffic exchange – it will equal out.

  9. Looks like when blog mad went down i lost my 20 lottery tickets i about i.e. i lost 200 credits..

    Blogmad is starting to get on my nerves, i dont think they should have released such a buggy product to the general public.

  10. Yes i know, but the ammount of bugs and errors make it seem more like an alpha.

    When flickr and google release their betas they are much more stable.

  11. Song bird said they would release a demo in december, but i’m glad they waited, they mangaged to get a number of bugs out of it before they finally released it, although they did get flamed a bit, it was prolly for the better.

  12. I was a little disappointed at first, but im still using it, more to find other cool blogs than to increase my traffic ( which is still nowhere near 1:1)

  13. atariboy, please come and have a chat on #blogmad

    I am there as rush, I really think that your input is extremely valid and would love to chat to you.



  14. I’ve got nothing from this service. I don’t know why people bother since they have Google sitemaps, Yahoo site maps and WordPress. THREE BIG GUNS — ;-)

    Take care of the following info –

    Neither Alexa nor Technorati or Pingoat is accurate in tracking inbound links.

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