Gaming Food

Well my screen didnt turn up today, mainly because the people at parcel force are idiots, they couldnt work out where i live from my postcode?! Havnt they heard of google maps?

So that pissed me off and i went out and bought a lod of nice food and drinks and I’m setting myself up for a night of Day of Defeat with mike:

The cans are “Relentless” a caffine energy drink like red bull but come in half litre cans, really good stuff, should keep me alert later, next best thing to jolt cola, and the crisps are 14 packets of walkers cheese and onion, damn tasty, should last about a day :P

The Diddi Donuts are little donut balls with a tiny bit of jam in them, they are already eaten, little bit disappointing tho. And the Dairylea is 16 slices of processed cheese, i’ve got 2 packets because i love it so much.

I swear if i didnt have such a rediculously high matabalism i’d be soooo fat, but as it is i have a body fat index of 6%!!

Let the gaming begin!!

Links to all the pictures here on my flickr


26 thoughts on “Gaming Food”

  1. Hmmmm… That Relentless stuff sounds interesting, my body is very weak when it comes to cafeïne, I even get all bouncy from a few cans of coke or pepsi, 1 or 2 cans of redbull can make me bouncy for about an entire weekend, so one can of Relentless should be quite effective too.
    You should also check out Bawls if you haven’t already ( if you haven’t already, that is good stuff too, 1 bottle of that can keep me alert (and bouncing around the room) for the rest of the day/night.

  2. Thanks

    I’m mightly piss off about the screen, its really frustrating when delivery compaines get lazy like that, i prolly wont use pixmania again.

    They had my exact address which every other company has no trouble delivering too, just lazy.

    I would like to try all kinds of caffiney drinks but most arn’t for sale in the uk, or at least not in single bottles. has some really good looking ones but they wont deliver overseas, when i got to america i’ll have to try them all :)

  3. Hi,
    about dayofdefeat I want o ask you if you buy directly from steam (downloading it) or in a shop.
    And which version do you have?? The source on or the normal.
    Which is the dirfferent between these??

  4. All these are required for playing some DoD. i am actually suprised that it doesnt come in the box. I mean i got junk food with my copy, no wait that was rag doll kung foo demo. hmmm.

  5. Watch out with that metabolism. You may have a low body fat index, but what you can see is how blocked your arteries are! More and more skinny people have heart attack because they think since they’re skinny they can eat junk food all the time, but they didn’t think how blocked their arteries could be!

    In that respect, gaining weight easily is a good thing because you’re more carefull to what you eat!

    However, no doubt that junk food once in a while is _needed_!! :)

  6. I got Day of Defeat free when i bought Halflife 2 (gold package) from steam last year, i havnt seen the retail package, but i would guess all your getting extra is a book and a box.

    I believe its quite a lot cheaper over steam and valve get all the profits which means they can put more money into making their games.

    If you already have HL2 then its a 500mb download which you can do as many times as you like if you have to reinstall windows and what-not, and steam lets you make backup discs of all your games too.

  7. I’m not to bothered about my health at the moment… i’m young!!

    I’ve been eating rubbish for years, and never put on any weight.

    I’ll worry about my health when im older, im sure there will be advances in medical science by then :P

  8. That kick stuff I think its called is good for caffeine and that rocket fuel I think its also very strong….once went to a party with rocket fuel (not real rocket fuel btw) and I was awake the whole party…day of defeat I had theeeee earliest version of that at the beginning great game :))…enjoy your night

  9. i envy you for that. and when i’m the next time in england i have to try all this stuff. maybe not all on one day … and maybe i will forget about dairylea…

    and just to add: the whole page seems to have a link to one of your photos on flickr… maybe it is only on safari, but i thought i should tell you…

  10. Erm.. I think there is a link left open, all of the comments are a link.

    Anyway.. I am much like that… altho I would not describe me as skinny like “kopperhead” says… just not fat. I eat basically the same food when gaming.. with slight changes, Replace the Restless with actual coffee that I get from Starbucks just down the road, or using my coffee machine and Starbuck beans :P. Also The donuts replaced with, hmmm, depends… probably just more walkers cheese and onion lol. Or a subway which is beside Starbucks.
    P.S Royal Mail do actually suck… they pulled a strike for 3 weeks and I haven’t got any of my post since start of January.

  11. Safari… I am a Mac user remember, unless I need to do something that is specifically on windows. Anyway, must just be me…. the only way I can comment it using tab and getting to the comment box, or right clicking it and then hitting space. Can’t click it or it takes me to the picture of the Restless cans. Oh well

  12. Yes, I had this problem (comment 10). Also Mac user, hence using Safari.
    I can’t tell if there is still this problem. Now I am on a PC.

  13. I found it, i don’t know how it got there but there was half a link to a random flickr pic.

    I deleted that, hopefully it will have fixed the problem.

  14. eeeh i think you got something wrong! I was the first – have a short glance on comment 10.
    one hour before crazy mentioned it.

  15. Oh shush fain, i never read your comment!!! And I am a better reader than you so you don’t count :P *cough* And he thanked me anyway… he can’t go back now and change it. Muwhahahaaaa
    P.S. Just had my coffee, Starbucks brew of course :P

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