Dual Screen Prt Scr

Just a quick screenshot of my ultrawide desktop, i’m loving the dual screens and with UltraMon, i have a task bar that runs right across both monitors. On flickr there is a full res verison so you can see how much desktop space i have.


8 thoughts on “Dual Screen Prt Scr”

  1. Replace your CRT though, get two matched LCDs, you will never go back. I have been using dual monitor for a long time now, and you really need matched screens to get the best effect.

  2. Yeah, i’m thinking of doing that when the next bit of student loan comes through, i wonder how much i can sell my CRT for, need to get £230 together.

    Any offers?

  3. Cool desktop! I really like mine too (which the oldschool NES controller)! Btw, how do you add images to your sidebar on wordpress like you did for blogmad, firefox, etc? Thanks for the info


  4. It depends on the theme you have, some let you have images, some dont.

    If you go to where you add a link and scroll down a little then there is a box to insert a link to an image, put your pic link in there and it will show up on your blog after about 5 mins.

  5. Yep, it’s very nice indeed… And I have only 1 screen for 2 pc’s… And because of all the junk I have lying around on my desk, I don’t even have enough space for a second screen…

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