3 months of Blogging

This blog is now 3 months old and its doing pretty well for itself, it generally gets about 2500 hits a day. I’m very proud of it. This last month especially has seen lots of new readers (105 people via RSS at least).

My Technorati rank is 8785.

Last night i was thinking a lot about blogging, and the interweb, making money from it and other such things.

Atariboy.co.uk has kind of fallen by the wayside, i just dont have the time to improve it, and i dont have much content to put on it either really.

But my blog is going well, i still have lots of things to write about and get a good amount of readers too, so from this.. the 4th month i will try and post at least 3 times a day, with lots more links and news.

Last night i played Day of Defeat into the early morning, had a great time and did pretty darn well, after my exams i’m thinking of joining a clan, maybe enter a few events.

I’m really getting into World War 2 games, im getting Call of Duty later, i used to have it but then lost it, unfortunatly my old ATi 9800pro cant handle Call of Duty 2 or i would be playing that.

Ajaxwhois.com is another dynamic web domain checker, and its the best one i have come across, if you look for domain names often then you will love the speed of this.

I noticed yesterday that i have a free domain name with my Dreamhost hosting plan, which i havnt used yet so i’m trying to think up a good address at the moment i’ve got..

nerdr.com, geekrs.com, meeeeeeeee.com, or aguidetothe.net

Any ideas?


13 thoughts on “3 months of Blogging”

  1. hit up Battlefield 1942/Vietnam. the graphics aren’t that good, but it has good gameplay in multiplayer. 9800 should be able to do just fine. Vietnam sucks sometimes from the snipers, but 1942 is low-res fun.

    How are you tracking RSS? I’d like to do that. I suggested to wordpress that they have a second line in the dashboard just for rss pickups (how many articles were downloaded that day by unique visitors). Do they have something already?

  2. DOD like a motherfucker, i was owning pretty good as well yesterday, cant wait until call of duty finishes, looking forward to that. remember the days of multiplayer MOH-allied assault, i owned you on that!:P

    little mini-grind my gears. the fucking post office got all snobby with my passport forms, were nit-picking and being really condecending cuz im applying fro it myself, rather than my parents doing it. grrrrrrrr

  3. I’d say you have over three times more readers than 105 – In Bloglines alone you have 103 and from my stats in FeedBurner, Bloglines counts for a under a third of all subscribers.

  4. i dont recommened meeeeeeeee.com as a domain name becuase when people type it in they might forget how many e’s there are supposed to be. unless you were joking/being sarcastic, then please ignore this coz i tend to not get sarcasm etc!

  5. Battlefield 1942, thats a great idea, thanks very much techandother, i’ll try that out soon, i played a bit of vietnam and battlefield 2, both very enjoyable.

    Thats good to hear about the RSS, i found about who was using my RSS by subscribing to my own feed on bloglines.

    And Twilight, it was only a joke really, i dont think meeeeee. com is that great, but it was free and i hadnt heard of anything like it.

  6. I don’t like Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, I think Battlefield 2 is better, but on the other hand, it’s a real resourcehog… No way that that’ll run on a Radeon 9800… For multplayergames they’re all fun anyway, when with enough players, the bots suck.

  7. I run battlefield 2 on a vanilla Radeon 9600… doesn’t make it look pretty, but runs fine.
    Only problem I had was when I forgot to turn of Sophos AntiVirus “full auto scan thingy” – I think my CPU had a little heartattack.

  8. I can run battlefield 2 as well, but not particually well, my whole pc has a hard time and the frame rate drops when ever there is a lot of action.

  9. I congratulate thee on a job well done with regards to the blog – I had no idea that it was so new though!

    Oh and Battlefield 1942 is highly recommended by me, many hours spent playing that game :) Battlefield 2 is much better too, though it is set in modern times so you don’t get the WW2 factor.

  10. You can get in on B1942 for $8 on ebay these days – a bargain for the hilarious muliplayer. vietanm is more serious, so I’d still say hit up the 1942. It’s one of those multiplayer games that is so simple, but the engine is pretty good still.

    I’d offer to how in and show you guys around, but I sold B1942 when I got rid of the gaming machine :-(

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