Blog Finds and links

I’ve found a number of cool blogs over the past couple days, some through blogmad surfing, and some just randomly:

GeekBrief – A video podcast tech news site, hosted by Cali Lewis, who is pretty hot :P

Harshdeep 2.0 – A wordpress blog, only started recently but really quite good.

Headphonaught’s nanolog – a pretty cool christian blog, which im usually not a fan of, but this one is a good read

VoxPop – This rocks, although mainly for the pictorial content ;)

And here are a few other links that i put aside:

The IT Crowd Wikipedia Entry – for those of you who cant get enough of the IT Crowd
A guide to setting up your own ISP – If you have the bandwidth spare, why not set on up and make a bit of spare cash? or just help out the family by giving them free internet access.

I want this camera sooo bad, but at £1000 its a little out of my price range!

And if your interested in google adsense, heres the page were you apply, just incase you are too lazy to google it!

I also noticed a little earlier that Cocomment may have an update/ few improvements coming, as they were on there for a few mins, changes i saw included:

  • Most commented blogs in the past week, rather than over all,
  • this is likely to be done with the people section as well
  • and a tags section, although that page wouldnt load up, you can imagine what it will be like.

9 thoughts on “Blog Finds and links”

  1. No problem tom, its refreshing to find people that have a view of faith that is like yours, i went to school with a guy who your blog reminds me off, but i’ve lost contact with him now.

    Good luck on giving up caffine, that got to be hard, i know i wouldnt like to be doing that!

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