IT Crowd Withdrawls

Seems like quite a few people are suffering from the lack of any more episodes of the IT crowd.

Thats right, the series is over but will be returning later this year hopefully. But what can we fill the void with? Not normal TV thats to be sure!!

Fear not tho, I have a show that will save you, at least for a few days…


This is my favourite show of all time, the premise is that it was made in the 80’s but much too scary to be shown, until now.

Its done to look so incredibly dodgy and badly filmed that it comes off very funny, Richard Ayoade (Moss from the IT Crowd) stars as Thornton Reed.

You can watch the full first episode here

More details on SaveDarkplace and on Garth Marenghi’s Myspace page, the is also a DVD coming very soon.

That should tide you over for a little while.


14 thoughts on “IT Crowd Withdrawls”

  1. And what ever happened to robot wars?

    I used to love that show, but it jsut disappeared :(

    I cant even watch the american verison because they dont show it over here and there are not torrents

  2. umm well we all know robot wars sucked later on, although i remember the days of panic attack, hypnodisc and razor. they were cool. cant wait until darkplace comes out!!

  3. not IT-based, but TiVo ‘Top Gear’ sometime – they do a great automotive review show, but add in bits like teaching PhD’s to do burnouts and using 2 camping trailers as wrecking balls, etc.

  4. I love topgear, thats a good one, i kind of have forgotten about it since our tv was set on fire.

    I might have to download a bit of that., along with weekly simpsons.

  5. best top gear skit ever, was the indestructable Toyota pickup, crashed it, scraped it, burned it, drowned it, crushed it and almost buried it from sticking it on top of a exploding building

  6. Did you know mate they have commissioned season 2 of IT crowd posted it on my blog a few days back…amazing news :) and seeing darkplace again memorys!!!

  7. zombie brains (our student film) is directly influenced from darkplace. Darkplace was so random and funny. bring on the dvd. and woohoo 2nd series of IT crowd!!!

  8. Yeh i’ll keep the lindsay ones coming when they come out…im hoping for more personal ones…you know less clothes and all…:P…:)

  9. Wow DarkPlace – I remember seeing that ages ago, was quite funny, the same sort of way that Acorn Antiques is :P

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