Plasma Pong

This game is just awsome, i dont normally post things i found on digg, but this rocks!
Mirrors: Download here, or here , or here

Plasma Pong Flickr set


8 thoughts on “Plasma Pong”

  1. At first I’m like double-u tea efffff!!! :P WTF? But it does look very interesting.
    Maybe you’d like to check out this site, man that guy creates strange games, but all looking so fantastic and most of them are very good fun, I just love rRootage and Torus Trooper.

  2. This game is too addictive. Is it a one off, or are we going to see plasma space invaders, plasma light cycles and plasma pacman in the future?

  3. That thing is so crazy, yet strangely addictive. Its just one more thing to stop me from writing my dissertation dammit!!! :P

  4. Looks really good, one thing… I assume it is for Windows! I use a Mac ( Yay!) and therefore I will not be able to use it on my main computer. Will check it out on my laptop tho later.

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