WordPress worries

I’m not sure whats going on, i cant see any of my posts, and at one point wordpress said that atariboy.wordpress.com doesnt exist.

If anyone else can see my blog after clearing their cache, please let me know.
I’m trying to work out if its wordpress or if i’m being hacked and deleted.


Edit: Its working again now, scared me quite a bit.


14 thoughts on “WordPress worries”

  1. Just to let you know, I saw the same thing on two other wordpress.com sites today, so it was not just your site, but appears to be something with wordpress.com

    Your site renders OK right now.


  2. yeh I noticed that earlier when I went to my blog and I thought nooooooo 200 odd posts just gone and I nearly cried…nearly…it seems to be laggin still for me

  3. me too, still slow, i just hope they have a good back of my blog incase they loose it all :P

    and being without broadband is a painful experience that i know all too well, i fel for you napfisk

  4. Yeah it certainly points out how dependant we are on the Internet when your connection is down for a few hours!

    I ran out of coffee!!! ;)

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