Weekend Wonders

This weekend came so fast this week! Although i realised that i only have 3 weeks left before the uni open day for my project and i have a huge amount of things to sort out. Better get my finger out next week.

Yesterday i became an offical Blogmad.com tester, which basically means that i provide feedback and report bugs i find on blogmad. I have a few invites going spare if anyone else wants to see what its all about.

Heres a blogpost from another tester (Paradox) about the launch of Blogmad, the bugs features and up coming improvements as well.

Yesterday i found an extension for firefox called Autohide, it basically allows you to make firefox “Fullfullscreen”, press F11 and all you will see on the screen is the webpage and a scroll bar if its a long page. Very useful for presentations or slideshows.
Download it here

I’ve got my girlfriend staying for the weekend so there might not be as many posts as usual, but i’ll try and get in 1 or 2 a day when shes asleep :P

Below are a couple of links to short clips from the extras of the Darkplace DVD for those of you who are fans. I found these on the forum of savedarkplace


I also noticed this morning that Digg.com have upgraded their comment system to allow you to actually digg comments, or even anti-digg if you dont like them, so that only the positve comments come to the front :P


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wonders”

  1. I’d love an invite for blogmad.

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past few days, and am going to sit down soon and go through all of it; I really enjoy it. Thanks for writing :)

  2. I also would like to be invited at blogmad! :) I enjoyed your it crowd-stories and would love to see some darkplace episodes… (having problems with the few torrents i found)

  3. I remember seeing Darkplace a while ago, was pretty funny in its cheesy-ness! If I can shut off the mad bandwidth sapper that is BitTorrent for a while I may get to download them and re-live those glory days :P

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