Atariboy Logo Competition

After designing my little badge, i decided that i want to get an Atariboy T-shirt, but my photoshopping is pretty poor, so i thought what better way to get a new logo than to open it up to everyone, so let me introduce you to…

The Atariboy Logo Competition

The only rule is that it must contain the word Atariboy, other than that its completely up to you.

The winning entry will be made into a t-shirt, hoodie and Trucker hat which will be available to buy on, the winning designer will recieve a free t-shirt, and more importantly the GRAND prize, which no real geek could live without.

Once a week i’ll put all the new entrys in a post too, so you can see the entries so far.
(Yes there is really is a prize worth winning, but you’ll have to wait to see what it is, trust me its good :P)
The Deadline is 31st March ’06

Email entries to

All the current entries can be found in this flickr set


11 thoughts on “Atariboy Logo Competition”

  1. ive allready got a couple of ideas in the works, just need to sort them all out. although i think that i shud be null and void for a winner, as i do live with you, that mite be biased, but it doesnt stop me from trying!!

  2. Yep, i’m going to contact and see if i can get it put in a banner at the top of my blog.

    Obviously a general kind of size, on crazy shapes like 1280×30!!

  3. 31st March… Plenty of time *I think* I will have a go. If I don’t get any inspiration, I vote that I get to be a co Judge :P. I am not the best with designs, but I shall see.

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