Logos and Badges

Some of you might have seen my new little badge i made –>

I did it quickly yesterday using this great little webpage: http://www.lucazappa.com/brilliantMaker/buttonImage.php

and that got me thinking.. maybe i should make some t-shirts, my photoshop/drawing abilities arnt amazing, but this is what i have so far, although it may become more pixelated, and the plug will prolly change as well.

Can you do any better?


9 thoughts on “Logos and Badges”

  1. As soon as I read “Can you do any better?” I saw it as a challenge. I was about to start when I realised that I was going out. So I can’t do better at the minute.
    I do have to say I like the badge…

  2. I think maybe this is an opportunity to turn this into a bit of a competition, anyone can enter a design for a t-shirt, and the winner will get a free t-shirt with it on, plus an extra special ubergeek prize.

    The design will then be available on cafepress.com as a t-shirt and stickers!

    Then who ever submits the best photo with my logo in it also wins some amazing prize!

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