The IT Crowd Dance Remix

Here it is..

The Dance remix of The Theme music to the IT crowd, played at the end of the series with a few little modifications:

The IT Crowd Dance Remix.mp3 (2mb)

Mixed and cut by Mike C

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32 thoughts on “The IT Crowd Dance Remix”

  1. painstaking work i tell you!! trying to work with two music editing programs:S. Need to get this played in a club, would be amazing

  2. It seems that my comment let all of you with some weird feeling hehe

    well, I just wanted to say that it was a little bit simple, but it seems that Andrew knew what I meant ;)

    Hey, I like it thou, I didn’t meant that it was a bad mix :)

  3. …I hope my royalty cheque’s in the post… actually, I hope it’s not as I’d have to hand over most of THAT one to Neil Hannon again…

    My remix of the theme (the one actually used at the end of ep 6 of the series) is slightly longer than when broadcast. If you want to hear the full-length, epic, extended, unedited version of the dance mix of The IT Crowd theme (all 41 seconds of it) it’s here:


    P.S. …and I love the bit at the end of your mix, Mike, where it slows back down – really nice…

  4. Wow, cheers Philip, that sounds great, i love the little *bow bow bow*s that sound of every so often.

    How did you get the chance to do that for the IT crowd then?

    Cheers for the heads up :)

  5. Ta for that. I’m a TV sound editor and have done quite a bit of sound for comedy (such as “Spaced” and “Look Around You”, and bits and bobs for shows like “The Office” and “Black Books”) and the dubbing mixer on the show – the very talented Matt Stronge at Jumbuck – needed something to close ep 6 with.

    Neil Hannon was unavailable for this, so I just got hold of the original theme tune elements and did the fast version in a software editing package which I co-developed called “Tracktion” (blatant plug for product…) nIt had to fit the already-editied pictures quite tightly, which is why I only did 41 seconds-worth.

    Good show, though and apparently Graham Linehan’s writing series 2 as we speak!


  6. That sounds like a great job, i know that mike made his mainly just using audacity, so there were no effects as such, just speed and pitch controls, He was feeling lazy and didnt want to install qubase!

    Do you have anywhere that i could hear more of your tv show music?

    I’m a big fan of black books and spaced too, which bits did you do on those?

  7. yeah i love spaced too, sound mixing sounds cool, i want to try and get into the movie/tv business. ive used a bit of Reason and abode audition, which are ok, and audacity for recording my guitar and mixing, i like the added effects in your mix phillip. im hoping to do another little remix later this week just gona mess around with inserting soundbites and maybe add some of my guitar in there as well.

  8. Hi, I am in love with that tune aswell, I made a little Game Boy version:

    [audio src="" /]

    Hope you like it!

  9. As the above ryan asks, please can it be uploaded again? Have just gotten to see the show, and fell for the music in the first ten seconds..

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