Monday Night Blog

I’ve been really busy this weekend, so not much time to blog unfortunatly.

I’m designing a website at the moment using XHTML/CSS for Comaboy’s birthday, It will be here at, I also might be designing a site for an Art Dealer as well, although its not confirmed. I’ve been using this site as a great resource for css.

I also found this clever site StrangeBanana, it creates a random CSS style every time you load it, some of them look pretty sweet.
Wordpress went down again this morning, and i couldnt read any posts on any blogs, a little worrying, hopefully we will have some news or and update post from the developers soon explaining whats going on. My guess is that there are some new impressive features coming ;)

Heres a great article about how marketing folk should approach bloggers if they want them to promote their product.

The Best IT crowd mirror i have found so far, although it looks like its home hosted or similar, so be kind with it.

Theres been a bit of interest in Logo Competition, i know of at least 4 people that a designing one, i can’t wait to see what they have planned, thanks to Niceguy for spreading the word here too.

Heres a few blogs i’ve been watching recently: Neurotic Kiss, Tales from the Dust, Helpdesk Knowledgebase and I’m a Nerd, i’ve also added a few more blogs to my blogroll, check them out –>

I’ve fell in love with this case/mini pc, its basically an embedded linux webserver. The case only costs £20 and the PC board itself is another £80, but i dont really think i know enough about linux to make a good use of it.
More details here, and buy it here.


6 thoughts on “Monday Night Blog”

  1. Hey! nice blog! I thought you might be interested in mine? I started it yesterday and seem to have the same interests are you, not so much robotics as thats not what I’m studying!
    Have a look at

  2. Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

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