Logo Entry No. 1

Comaboy is the first to submit an entry for the logo competition, and its pretty damn cool.
Still 2 and a half weeks left to go, so there is no rush.
All the competition details are here


8 thoughts on “Logo Entry No. 1”

  1. I do like this although it does look a bit like a faaaat Dalek, but if you are into Scince Fiction and Dr Who then guess it is ok. I particularly like the square wave effect in the background, that is very inspired and different. It’s quite cool being an actual Atari Console. Plus the guy who made this is really great and I think he should win! I not biased in any way (lol)!

    See ya round Andrew!

  2. Thats a very good point Matt, for the moment dont worry if you include an atari logo, but i will look into it closer to the time, if its the case i wont be able to put it on t-shirts but i will use it for the website/blog.

    Can’t wait to see your haarball

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