Origins of Atariboy

Ah the story of the name Atariboy, it began almost a year ago…

I used to be a member of the university dodgeball club, i designed and ran the website and was Vice chairman.

A number of the members didnt really do anything in the club and i was left picking up the pieces all the time.

Going into my final year i wasnt prepaired to run a club all by myself with all the “jocks” taking the credit for it. So i told them i was leaving because they didnt do anything. A number of friends also left with me, leaving the lazy guys to do all the work.
They didnt like this at all, and become very abusive and violent towards me, i was told:

“…and take down your crappy website Atariboy

So i replaced the site with a huge Atari logo, and i have kept the name ever since.

The phoned me up a couple times to ask me to comeback and help them too, they didnt do anything and the club never took off and the name stuck with me for everything geeky i do.

You can see the current Dodgeball website here, lol!!


9 thoughts on “Origins of Atariboy”

  1. \’Welcome…\’

    Quite the visit. I imagine how it must be going to their house…

    +\”Hi, How\’s it going?\”
    +\”yeah…I\’m gonna go…\”

  2. The Truth is out…hehe…orgins of Rappy is on my blog…*shameless plug*…its weird how people come up with their alias for the net and do you use it in real life?

  3. that matt guy who was treasurer was a twat, we had all the plans in place, it just relied on us getting funding, and what does he do. He messes up the form, and hands it in late as well. so no funding, no club. plus the uni didnt help at all with venues. must be kinda weird having your alias coming from an idiot who cant fill out a simple form :P oh well, its their loss, we could have made that club into something great!!

  4. my alias is pretty simple, taken from my surname \”chernucha\” people pronounce it (wrongly ) as \”Chin-noo-cha\”, and from that came my alias \”Chinny\”. although i havent used it for my wordpress

  5. No one on the web calls me continium though. That would be so weird.

    The story of my alias is much less interesting but still has a nice story behind it. I’m gonna go and post howmy alias came to be.

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