I’ve been coding all day, so im going to have a break and relax with my beloved blog, some bacon and a massive mug of tea.

My project is coming along nicely, i have finished off a lot of things that needed to be done and reduced my massive to-do list by quite a lot. If your particually interested you can read my project proposal here (PDF)
Quick Screen shot:

Seems that my earlier Speedblogging isnt a new thing, i dont have any links saved, but if you google it, a few pages come up, seems that its a blog without styling, just a large chunk of text and links to get the post out there as quickly as possible.

It was interesting, and i did it really fast, but afterwards i felt a bit like i had cheated, in the sense that it wasnt a very nice looking post, and not particually easy to read either. I doubt i will be doing it again for a while.

I’ve decided to compeletly stop the mega IM review, i dont have the time, or the inclination at the moment. Sorry guys.

Another thing i decided tonight is that at the start of april i will be dropping Windows XP, in favour of Win 2000 for gaming, Linux for general use and Vista for testing and coding. Prolly dual booting 2000 and linux on one drive and having vista on the other for when ever im feeling the need to tinker. No idea what distro i’ll use yet so any suggestions are welcome, keeping in mind that i much prefer UIs to Command Lines.

I’ve prefered Gnome to KDE the few times i’ve used them both, but im not too fussed as long as it works well and is easy to configure.

One other thing, can anyone confirm for me that the .net 2.0 framework is built into Vista? I’m pretty sure it is, but i cant find anything confirming it.

Keep those Atariboy logos coming too, there are some really good looking ones there, I have a definate fav at the moment, but there is still 2 weeks left, anything could happen!

Google have released a mobile verison of gmail, http://m.gmail.com its much more rapid than the normal verison, but it doesnt look anywhere near as nice.

There’s also a new verison of Windows Live search, although im not much a fan of microsofts previous search engines, i have to say this one is fast and responsive and give you good results too. [thanks rappy]
The Geeks of Hazzard – a very cool podcast/weblog, love the style sheet on their page too.

After Mikes IT crowd Remix, a contest has shown up and its got mike working on a much better verison with our resident mixmaster comaboy, i’ll keep you posted, but the guitar bits i can hear through the walls sound really good. [thanks crazy]

And i’ll finish with a plug for the IT Crowd group on flickr, which is great :P and a couple pics of the beautiful Lauren


16 thoughts on “eblogging”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Vista has .net 2, I’ll check tomorrow on the machine at work.
    I’m thinking about going over to Vista but I can’t quite decide yet, one of the other guys I know is using it as his main desktop and things seem fine apart from the occasional problem.
    I just can’t be bothered with Linux anymore, maybe it’s because I’m old and lazy, but it’s just too much hassle.

  2. I hear that Russ, but not being quite so old i think it might be good to slap on my CV.

    I’ve used Vista before, but it was quite an early beta so lots of things wouldnt work properly.

    I’ve got a ubuntu livecd at the mo, it was already in my shortlist with SUSE.

    I dont have love lost with XP, but after using it for so long i fancy a change, 2000 is definatly lighter and perfect for running most games, and i want to experiment with linux and vista, especially if .net 2 is already in it!

  3. I’d have to say Dan, your speed up your computer posts, although n00b friendly , are really no help for me, xp doesnt run particually slowly, and i know how to keep it in check.

    Maybe you can do an extreme increase your computers speed with bios tips and registory tweaks for more experienced people?

  4. Ok, i’m using Vista(5308) as a normal desktop right now :)
    i cant find ANYTHING to do with .NET here atm, but i’m pretty sure its got .Net2.0 at least :) – and you’ll be installing VS2005 i would assume so that’ll install it anyway if need be.

    As for XP vs. 2000, your much better off sticking with XP and turning the unneeded services off, 200 may seem lighter and tighter, but in my experience its not, if you really want light and tight, then install windows 2003 and set it up for a desktop(i did that for many months, very fast and light usage) – XP isjust an improvement on 2000’s code, 2003 is just more of an increase in xps code. Vista is just a beta of something based on 2003’s code :)

    installing Paint.NET(http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/) which requires .net2.0 so i’ll see if it works for you :) – been meaning to try it out for awhile anyway
    And sucess!, must have.net2 installed then.

    Oh and linux, dont go Ubuntu…. ubuntus only got the hype.. just like firefox, theres better things around, persnally i suggest Slackware10.2, others would prefer suse or debian(which ubuntu is based off anyway…)


  5. I was wondering if it had .Net2.0 already installed because it means that i can develop Programs for Vista using C# in VS2005 and the users wont have to download the framework (20mb) to use it, just a small installer.

    I cant wait to install vista now :P

    I’ve been using Paint.net for quite a while now, for simple things that i dont want to wait for photoshop to load up to do. Love it.

    And Linux wise i’m open to anything at the mo, i’ll have a free an empty HDD to play around with lots of different distros.

    Is it easy to set up 2003 for desktop? Got any guides/links to hand?

    Cheers DD32

  6. I’ve noticed a couple of times that your working on a process tool that output code and forms. I thought you might be interested in a project we’re working on that lets you build these kinds of diagrams in Visual Studio 2005 and has a code generation that you could use to output source code to build forms, html, xml, or whatever you’d like. It’s called the DSL (Domain Specific Language) Toolkit. It’s still early on and our releases are only CTPs, so some of it is a little bit rough around the edges, but it should give you a good idea of what you do with it.

    If you’re interested check it out at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/DSLTools/.

  7. Looks interesting, although i’m not positive i understand exactly what it is.

    The program i am creating is designed to be a teaching aid for programming microcontrollers (namely the 8051), by using flowcharts.

    From what i understand (without any kind of screenshots or plain english i was a little confused) the DSL tools allow fsater development of this type of program am i right in thinking that?

    Thanks for the Heads up Pedro

  8. I’ve got a ‘part 3’ I’m still moving over, it’s already written, it’ll be in in a few minutes. It’s more of the same though. as the parts go on, I’m moving into some more complex stuff.

    I didn’t want to jump straight into regedit in the first few posts… I mainly wrote part 1&2 because I was sick of typing out the same tips every 3 weeks or so when someone would ask me why they had popups…

    Tell ya what, I’ve been putting it off long enough – time to write part 4: crazy registry hacks

    Have it up in a few


  9. 1: that screenshot is looking nice dawg!
    2: speedblogging, at least you thought of it yourself, anwaym who cares that someone else did it before?
    3: too bad about the mega IM review :'(
    4: good luck with that! I’d recommend Ubuntu just as Dan did, or if you would prefer KDE over Gnome, take Kubuntu. A quick review of the latest beta release by my friend Daniel can be found here
    5: m.gmail.com looks interesting! I just love speed.
    6: MS live search does also look very interesting. It has a nice looking layout (even in Firefox and Opera) and it works really quick, I find it to be very promising.
    7: I just took a quick look at the Geeks of Hazard, but haven’t looked much further than the first 2 post on the front page… Will check it out soon, I like the title :P
    8: music contest? I must inform my brother of that!
    9: sweet pics of Lauren! Give her my regards :D

  10. ooh yeah i have a version of speedblogging. well i call mine daily read and plus I save the links that are worth saving. it’s sorta like a mini review for me.

    btw good template that you picked out here.

  11. Yes, it helps you define and build shapes and diagrams. And, then generate code or xml from those diagrams into interesting things, like a flow of dialogs each with some input controls.

    But, mainly it about allowing users to create diagrams and then run code generation to get something useful at the other end.

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