Loads of Logo Entries

All Entries can be seen here in this flickr set


11 thoughts on “Loads of Logo Entries”

  1. i had the idea of doing a matrix themed one as well, because atari made enter the matrix, although i changed my mind, looks like i was beaten to it anyway

  2. sweet. I made that joystick in the free CAD program at eMachineShop.com. Oh, and if anyone wants to have them fab up a semi-life-size atari joystick out of any material, I have the file…

    I’ve actually never seen a joystick in person, so I made the model from Google Image searches. The joystick part is about 4 inches high, and the base is 5x5x2 – is that about right?

  3. I’m lovin’ the matrix one. Thinking of doing a similar thing for my blog. It’s the diary of a London pigeon – me – and I reckon a logo would rock.
    Brian Pigeon

  4. not that young! I was playing with an apple IIgs when atari was out, I think? first console was the sega entertainment system. Go choplifter! excitebike too.

  5. Yeah that Matrix one is very very well made! I like the flame one too, what does the font in that remind me of… I just can’t put my finger on it :S

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