Speed Blogging

I’m really busy at the moment, what with project and everything, so i’m going to try speed blogging (its something i’ve jsut invented), i’ll be dragging pics and links straight in the window and not caring abotu spelling or placement.

3…2…1.. GO!

http://www.bookpool.com/ – Really cheap computer books, mainly for the US tho

Flickr Leech – a great flickr project, allows you to download/view huge amounts of flickr photos via various serch methods.. it will prolly bring flickrs servers to the ground

talking hub – a forum a friend of mine is working on, using tags and web2.0 like things, work-in-progress

http://rappy.wordpress.com/ – One of myfav blogs at the moment, loads of great pictures, and the important news stories… p.s BOOOBIES

I just heard that there will be a firefox 2 alpha out by the end of this week, cant wait.. i might be able to squweeze in a quick review :P

http://www.oraios.org/altmann/tiefightermovie.mpg – awsome movie from Adam on the ITcrowd group on flickr

http://mrboz.com/school/assignment_media_literacy_2006.html – A piece of coursework has actually been set on one of my blog posts, I am truely famous!!

Just a note for the logo competition, the higher Resolution logos the better, remember its going on a t-shirt so it needs to be quite big and high quality when its printed.

Cant think of anythign else right now….



5 thoughts on “Speed Blogging”

  1. heh, speedblogging sounds like fun, maybe you should make a big post about it, explain everyone how it works exactly :P

    And that Rappy blog is quite funny, I’m not big into celeb blogs though… boobies! :P

  2. D’uh, I just think you missed the essence of speedblogging, it’s something you do, without thinking. A bit like skydiving…
    I could need to do some speedblogging… I usually don’t get things done, so a little rush might help me…

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