Ergotron LX Review

For my 200th Post i thought i would do something a little special, so here it is:
The Ergotron LX Arm with CF

Preview Shot

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ergotron; they asked me if I would like to review a monitor arm for them, in return I get to keep the arm. Of course I jumped at the offer and yesterday it arrived, so here is my full review of it.
You can checkout the company’s website here and the page for this particular arm (the LX) here. The website doesn’t work at all well in Firefox (Tut Tut) so you’ll have to look at it in Internet Explorer, although I’m told that a new website is currently being designed which is more Firefox friendly.

Basically the arms are designed to give you much more freedom than the basic stands that come with most TFT and LCD monitors, perfect for anyone who needs more desk space or if more than one person needs to see the screen.

The box I received was about the same size as the box for my Samsung TFT Monitor, with everything nicely packed and wrapped, everything had survived the trip from the Netherlands. I pulled out all the pieces and laid them out before hand. You get a lot of little things plus the main three pieces of the arm itself. There are a number of different ways you can construct the arm; bolting it to a wall, drilling it to a desk, or clamping it onto the desk which is what I’ll be doing, you get all the pieces and more than enough screws to do any of these.

If you’re putting it together and going to clamp it to a desk or table then the only tool you need is a Philips screwdriver. Included in the box are a couple of Allen keys for adjusting settings but I’ll get to that later. Clamping it to a desk is defiantly the easiest way to set up the arm, it comes ready for it and needs very little effort to put it together, obviously wall mounting will require you to drill and secure it to a wall which takes a little more skill.

First thing to do is to remove your existing stand from your TFT monitor, mine had 3 Philips screws holding it in, once they were removed then it just slid out of the slot at the bottom.
You then go about attaching the first piece of the arm to the screen, most TFT monitors have a VESA mount which is an industry standard size for attaching stands and arms to TFT and LCD monitors, the LX fully complies with this and fitted very nicely. Even if your screen does not have a VESA mount, Ergotron have thought about this and included a second backing plate for larger mounts.

I ran into a problem here when connecting the arm to the screen, one of the thumb screws for securing it wouldn’t go in properly, but this is most certainly a problem with a cross thread in the screen and not the arm, because I didn’t want to strip the thread I have left it empty, because its at the bottom it shouldn’t cause too many problems.

After attaching the arm you can mount the upright pole to the desk/table, very simple and easy to do, just make sure you do it up nice and tight, (Don’t want your arm falling off!!) As the pole lets the arm swing 360 degrees around it you can put this almost anywhere; to the side of your desk, at the back even facing the wrong way, like on my shelf, which is easily strong enough to hold it.

Once clamped, it’s just a case of sliding the pieces of the arms together and then sliding it over the pole. Nice and Simple.

You can then connect the power and data cables back up to your monitor and squeeze them into the clips inside the arm itself, keeping you desk free and tidy.

Once assembled you can start making good use of the LX.

You may need to adjust the strength of the spring in the LX for your specific monitor weight; this is so that if you move the screen up or down it stays where you up it. This is also very easy, simply turn different grub screws with the provided Allen Keys to increase or decrease stiffness.

Initially I was a little overwhelmed by the different ways you can position the screen, there are 6 degrees of freedom, much like an expensive robot arm, you can position the screen pretty much anyway you like. The screen will even rotate around, perfect for if you have a widescreen monitor you can make good use of the width when reading or editing long text documents.

The arms movement makes the screen almost seem like it is floating, it’s a very smooth action and just oooozes quality.

After having it for a whole day now I’ve started to make much better use of the ability to move it around, when I play day of defeat I position it straight on with me in the centre of the desk quite close to my face with the keyboard underneith it, when I’m programming I can move it back next to my CRT monitor to make good use of the dual screens I have, and when lying on my bed watching the Simpsons I can pull it over towards me making the pictures quite a bit bigger than when its sitting on my desk.

I’m planning on using this on my University Open Day in a few weeks time to show off my program, I will be able to swing the monitor right out into the walk way and make my presentation stand out from all the rest of the projects and make it easier for the people who are walking around to see what’s going on on my screen.

I’ve fell in love with the LX but there is a problem… I was given this for free, if you do a quick froogle search you will see that they retail at about £130, personally I think this is a bit too much to spend on an arm which is not entirely necessary, but if you have spent over £400 on a TFT monitor you are going to want to make good use of it.

I’ve also just noticed that there is a black version available… SWEET!

This is defiantly an ubergeek pc accessory, if you have the money to buy Dual or even Quad SLI graphics cards or an FX60 then you would love one of these, think of the attention you would get at a LAN party.

It’s also perfect for someone who does regular demos or presentations, but for the average pc user i think it is just a bit too expensive.

Saying that Ergotron also do some cheaper stands with less degrees of freedom, even dual and quad stands for holding 2 or 4 TFT monitors!

Check out for all of their products.

All the photos in this review can be seen in this flickr set.

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44 thoughts on “Ergotron LX Review”

  1. Nice review; and kudos on getting some free schwag! The pictures are quite nice as well, and really add to the review; great job :)

    Sounds like this will catch peoples’ eyes and really make your presentation pop; good luck!

  2. I’ve told people before, and I’ll say it again. If you’re going to be a peripheral manufacturer, make sure you get your cable management right. It makes al the difference in the world, as you can see by the excellent example here.

  3. also – this would be great because it takes up *zero* real estate on a desk. If you have a lot of papers spread out on your desk like I do, this would be a great way to reclaim that desk area that the LCD (or CRT!) is currently using.

  4. Maybe I’m not seeing it in the pictures, but is there some kind of rubbery grip on those clamps? Something to keep from damaging the desk you’re attaching it to?

    Other than that, I like the look of it, the cable management, and the apparent flexible positioning. Nice review. :)

  5. I have this very monitor arm…. I LOVE IT…. I ordered it from Dell and I got it quicker and it was a few dollars cheaper than getting it from Ergotron. I have it holding a DELL 20.1′ Ultrasharp LCD. It works Great!!!!

  6. 1) Reviewer gets free tech gift

    Nice impartial “review” there. ;)

  7. Nice! I would consider that arm a good investment as it’ll outlast probably your next three LCD screens and thankfully they’ve standardized on the bolt patterns for LCDs.

  8. Good review, the color seems to match my Apple display. This might be interesting for next year when I can get a different desk, one where such a clamp would fit.

  9. Nice review. I would never get such an expensive gadget but when I win the lottery I’ll get one. There have been many times when I wanted to get one of these to move my screen but I dont want to waste my money on cheap stuff. Congrats on getting it free!

  10. Man, you sold out.

    I am glad you admitted to it up front:

    “A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ergotron; they asked me if I would like to review a monitor arm for them, in return I get to keep the arm. Of course I jumped at the offer and yesterday it arrived, so here is my full review of it.”

    I only skimmed the review, but it seems to be a good effort, which means you spent too much time on it for $70 in swag. For all the time you put in, you could have been better off working the same hours at Mickey D’s.

    I am not telling you to not sell your soul to the man, but at least get top dollar for it!

    You had to put a lot of effort into getting a good rating on, Use that knowledge and effor to really scam the man and make some money!

  11. I’ve got two of these on my desk holding two 20″ Dell LCDs, I’ve had them about 9 months I guess. They rule. Initially I was trying to clamp them but I felt they ended up too far away from me. So I drilled two holes toward the middle of the desk, just big enough for the bolts to go through (requires changing the hardware, but all the pieces are provided by Ergotron). Now if I choose i can pull the monitors right up, close than my keyboard is actually, gives me a lot of freedom in monitor placement. I’ll never go back to normal stands again.

  12. erm Buckshot £130 is not $70!!

    Its $224.

    Im very hapy to do it, I enjoyed doing the review, i love the monitor arm and my blog hasnt changed because of it apart from maybe got a few more readers.

  13. There is a very old joke here:

    He: (To a lovely lady) Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?

    She: Yes.

    He: How about $100?

    She: No, what kind of girl do you think I am?

    He: We have already established you are a whore. Now we are just negotiating your price!

    I have read reviews from and known many journalists/TV personalities. (And at times, I was one.) They have been tempted or got caught up in offers of compensation for endoresements to some degree.

    I think it is very refreshing that you made a disclosure upfront. This is not what you typically see on the web.

    My only suggestion is that if you decide to become a “media whore” that you get full value for your efforts. You have created many tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars of “buzz” for this company. Even if you got a measly 1%, you are selling yourself short at $224.

    You have a talent for creating “buzz.” That is a good thing. How you use it is up to you. Have a good life!

  14. @Buckshot: very, very good comment, I like it very much!

    @Atariboy: come on, 224? that’s a lot!!! almost a new TFT!! BTW: I’m buying my seccond TFT :twisted:

  15. I certainly wont be selling out on this blog.

    I know that it would put a lot of readers off if they saw “adverts” or plugs for companies, it certainly would put me off of a blog like that too. There are loads of websites devoted to this kind of thing.

    I dont really consider it selling myself in any way, this is a personal blog, i never started it to make money, and tbh i dont think it will ever make that much, but im not going to turn down a free £130 monitor arm.

    I didnt have to submit it to, but i was very proud of my writing. I have never been particually good at english (the whole blog is littered with spelling mistakes) and to be told it is actually a good piece of writing made me very proud.

    I’ve had quite a few people acuse/suspect me to sell out at the first opertunity that i get, but i genuinly couldnt find anything wrong with the arm, apart from the huge cost. I would never buy one myself because its too much for a student to pay for something that wouldnt be used to its full potential, but the opertunity to do a review like the many i read on websites like and Arstechnia was something that i have wanted to do for a long time.

  16. I asked Atariboy to be completely honest with his review, and I believe he was. I’d love to hear any feedback from anyone else who’s tried our products, positive or negative. The engineers that designed this arm are right outside my door. If anyone has any concerns, let me know and I’ll bring them up to them.

    Just for the record, MSRP for the LX arm in the US is $169 USD. Street price is quite a bit lower through our resellers. I think the $70 someone mentioned was for the Neo-Flex arm. The Neo-Flex is our basic arm that doesn’t incorporate Constant Force (CF) technology.

  17. Stop taking diggs a Atariboy, which of us would refuse a free £130 monitor arm. I’m seriously considering buying it myself. What the people who are pointing the finger should remember is that this isn’t tomshardware or arstechnica, it’s a guy writing his personal blog. Further to that it’s hardly as if he has misrepresented the monitor arm, by your estimations the only way for him to have not sold out to ‘the man’ would be for him to slate the arm in his review. What if he really liked it? But I’m glad that ya’all are keeping the review industry clean and honest by picking on a guy for a personal review he does in his blog. way to go. woohoo. pat on the back. ** sarcasm mode /off **

    I’m interested to know what benefits this monitor arm has over the ergotron neo-flex which I’ve seen on froogle for £70 and on ebay for even less. Any thoughts on what makes this arm special?

  18. Like Riley Mr Ardle said (comment 30):

    “The Neo-Flex is our basic arm that doesn’t incorporate Constant Force (CF) technology”

    With the LX when you raise or lower the arm the montior stays perpendicular to the desk, i havnt tried the Neo flex but i would guess that it would be less floaty and smooth, more having to adjsut every position when you move the screen rather than with the LX, you just move the screen to where you want it, very easily indeed, with 1finger infact.

    I love the LX, had it for a week now and i still cant find anything wrong with it, apart from the price. This is an ultimate geek accesory, if you have the money then go for it, you wont be dissapointed.

    I’m taking the LX to my openday presentation next week, i’ll let you know how it fairs and the feedback i get about it.

  19. Adjustment instruction is a lot to be desired. The whole instruction sheet is useless, especially the range of motion adjustment as well as lift motion

  20. This review is sub-par, you seriously gave this arm too much credit! I just bought one a few weeks ago at Confederate Electronics Depot (local store), same model I think but its called neo-something over here. Anyway, it requires constant adjustment and never works correctly, total waste of $90.

    I’d have to agree with Buckshot, regardless of what the BS MSRP is, you shouldn’t sell yourself out for a $90 piece of plastic and chintzy metal. Maybe it costs $220 in Ireland or wherever it is you live, but over here in the good old US of A it costs under $100.

    Good effort though.

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