sdrawkcaB golB

I’ve had another lazy day today.

I spent a good couple of hours writing my review of the Ergotron LX, its a bit of a shame that its only had 20 diggs tho :(

Couple of random links for you guys:

I could watch this page for hours!!

A wonderful bacon flavoured blog, very close to my heart

Stories of Stupid Tech support calls

A Dramatic Email Reading!

Why Vista wont suck – This preview details many of the new features coming in vista, if anything it made me want it more, and i will definatly be getting the Ultimate version, although (shush dont tell anyone) I prolly wont be paying for it!

I’ve also had another entry in the logo competition, one that is now very close to my heart:


8 thoughts on “sdrawkcaB golB”

  1. that page with the blue balls (insert dirty reference here) reminds me of a game i used to have where you had to finish some professors experiments…anyway more bacon woooop!!!

  2. I about laughed my ass off at the dramatic email reading :P

    @Damien: do you mean the game Tubes? I think I still have the demo to that one somewhere here.

    @Jeff: attending people to the digg link is clearly something else than begging…

  3. Heh, good luck with that, mobygames barely has any info on it, home of the underdogs doesn’t have it, it seems to be a pretty rare title.
    I’ll see if I can dig up the demo.

  4. Oh was it that ‘The Incredible Machine’ where you set up springs and fans and all sorts of gizmos to finish a particular scenario. T’was quite a good puzzler in its time :)

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