Confessions of a Server

You have to love, even when they have problems its still got charm and thoughtfulness written all over it, I’m glad i have my blog hosted with them.


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Server”

  1. I saw that too, actually when I for once was reading another blog than yours. Just. Purely. Wonderful.
    Btw, I asked you for a BM invite in the BM comments space. If you have invites left, please send me one.

  2. yeah it’s nice and polite, but if u get that message every other minute it is even more anoying than the fact that u again can’t post or upload anything,

  3. There is certainly something going on with wordpress, i doubt that there servers have just been going up and down for nothing.

    Maybe some more new features?

  4. Thats a very nice looking blog Jean, and some interesting news on there too, i think i’ll have to read it more often,

    I’m glad to see that the wordpress server has worked out all its issues and has got back to work, i was getting a bit conserned after a week of issues, but its all good now.

    I love you wordpress server

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